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Day9 - What are the odds?

Day9 - What are the odds?

This frog is as much a part of this house as our pet dogs. We have a closed in verandah that is left open during the day and closed during the night to keep the dog inside safe and sound while foxes and what ever other wildlife roam free. This little (big) fella is drawn to the insects the lights of the house attract and every night when we bring the dog in we have to make sure that the frog is put out. I'd so hate for him to be left inside to dry out overnight.

He is a regular outside my scrap room door every summer and is the reason I go troppo on the toads around here.

Last year I wandered outside my scrap room door not watching where I was going and I stepped on him. He screamed (imagine that? ha) and I didn't see him for the rest of the summer so when he showed up a couple of weeks ago after rain, it made me smile. What were the odds of surviving a stomping from me???

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