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Day 8 - Appreciation

Day 8 - Appreciation

Some husbands and fathers are all about their family and building a safe and happy home for them. Some of their downtime is spent communicating and laughing with the people that mean the most to them, some is spent maintaining the home they have helped create and some is spent enjoying well-deserved leisure time. Some husbands. Not mine.

Today when he decided to wheel out most of his bikes (most NOT all) for a photog session, I took the opportunity to document them digitally as well. There are in excess of 20 vintage motocross bikes (not including the ones in the shed in bits and pieces) and his appreciation of these far exceeds that which he bestows upon his family.

He's very proud of them and wanted his photo taken amongst them. So I obliged. It will give me something to look at in the future that will serve as a reminder as to why I've headed in the direction that I am.

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