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Day 14 - Stumped

Day 14 - Stumped

I could have had a couple of titles for this photo like "Huh?", "WTF?" or "Stumped".

I have been wanting to take a photo of someone's feet standing on this stump for a while but never had the chance to. Today I asked the short blue one to do the honours and he obliged. 'Cept the dang stump was crawling with black ants. Not the green bitey kind but the small black bitey kind. And they bit him. And then ran to tell their mates. Soon lots of bitey swarmy ants were going about their business on his lower extremities.

"Ugh!" He said as he rolled around the grass trying to get them off. How dramatic! He could have like, stayed there like, for at least a couple of shots, like.

Anyway, I decided to photograph the evidential ants and they were moving SO fast that NONE of them showed up in the shot! So I said "WTF" and "Huh?" because I was like - you know...

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