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12 November 2009



love the one in the doorway! yay! u got to meet more bloggy friends - it's so much fun isn't it!

Diana O'Cobhthaigh

Boo hoo, I'm wait listed for your Dimensional Pop class on 30th November ... I'll bring along a Chai Latte if you let me come along and be #9, pleeeeeaaassee ... gotta get my monthly dose of Lynette. By the way, Neil Sedaka wrote a song about Diana ... might have to check You Tube and see if there's another more recent.

Diana O'Cobhthaigh

Michael Jackson wrote Dirty Diana ... I'm way famous. Love your pics too, they're gorgeous as always.


It is awesome meeting blogging friends isn't it, even my brief meeting with you in Brissie was wonderful, wish we could have chatted some more. Funny thing is though, I am originally from The Netherlands but I wouldn't know how to pronounce her name, doesn't sound very dutch to me. I know how to pronounce van Barrelo though, lol! Love your photograhphy, you are very talented!
Hetty xx


Oh yeh and btw there is a vacuum cleaner called Hetty......apparently it sucks really well :) :)


Amazing shots! I am dying to see that whole layout! And good luck on the commercial shoots, I know you will be awesome at it

Lynette van Barrelo

Haaaaah! Diana and Hetty... One of you is dirty and is way famous and the other of you sucks! You both do what you do well which is a good thing.

Hetty, maybe we could chat at next year's convention??? You'll just have to wear a name badge 'cos I'm old and dotty and forget names but remember faces. I just can't place the face if you know what I mean...


How wonderful that you managed to catch up with Haggith! Having been to Holland (and having learned German which is a little bit similar), I do understand about the pronunciation thing!

Lovin' all your photo making :)


Oh, and PS, I gave you a blog award. Details on my blog. Mwah!


That's cool that you were able to catch up with Haggith. I'm assuming the H at the end is silent, is that part of it?

Love your black and white photos. They have a great mood. What were the kinds of things you shot in the commercial shoot? I'm impressed.

I am famous in a few songs. Oh Donna by Richie Valens. Donna the Prima Donna by I can't remember whom, and Who's Holding Donna Now? by one of those DeBarge brothers. Then there's also a Donna song in the movie Hair.

Lynette van Barrelo

Donna in a song is pretty popular, isn't it. Not that there has ever been an epidemic of Donna names but your name always seems to pop up in lyrics.

'Haggith' has that back of the tongue action with the 'g's. If I try to say it, I start coughing! haaaaaah!


my nickname in highschool (in Papua New Guinea) was Hutch....coz noone could pronounce Haggith. it's got hard dutch g.

loved meeting you!!! So sorry too we couldn't promise to "see ya later". I promise I'll get round to the photos i took of you. You're gorgeous!


lol! I'm catching up on your blog and how funny to see my name on one of the entries!

You've come far and fast with your photography, Lynette. Beautiful!

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