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26 October 2009



sure you can chillax, as long as you keep updating your blog! LOL.

I keep visiting it! And then I'm sooooooo disappointed when it doesn't have anything new to say.

But hey, who am I to complain??? My blog was last updated on July 29! :( :( :(

I'll work on that when I get back from Oz. :)


Yay you still live here!! Nice announcement - knew you were brewing along that line - good for you - about time too!

Petrina McDonald

no chillaxing for you - you've got photos to take!!!


Congrats! This is exciting news indeed!
I still visit...but seriously you HAVE been neglecting us. :-P


Congrats and good luck.....I think we all have been neglecting...except for maybe Debbie ;)


The photos are fab! Cute family. Love the logo. I'm really excited about this.
As far as blogs...I seem to only visit Debbie's anymore because she's the most dedicated! I even wrote myself a note last night to not renew. My life is too dull right now.

Kristi Smith

Very exciting, Lynette! They look fabulous. You are one talented chickee!

I love the logo too.

I always go to Debbie's first to see who has undated and she usually has! :)

Jen Biggs

Congrats, Lynette! You are very talented with the camera! You will do great!


Congrats you clever girl.
Yes, I still watch your blog.

Moira Coates

Chillaxing? You? Impossible :-) Even if the blog gets updated with photography goodness for those of us who need the inspiration of great photos for our scrapbook pages, we'll be happy!


Beautiful photos Lynette. All the best with the new venture. And, no, this does not get you out of updating the ol' blog. Don't you dare!

Libby Morris

I wish you nothing but the happiest wishes, following your passion. The photos are fantastic!


Libby x


CONGRATS on your new venture! I love your scrappin and your photo's. I hope to take photo's that good one day! I'm working on getting a new lense soon I hope!


yea for you and your lens! how fun lynette, i'm excited for you.


Congrats on the new venture. Your photos are truly awesome. I'm sure this will be a very successful business for you. Good luck.
But dont neglect the scrapping now, I still love your serious talent on that front too.

Lynette van Barrelo

Thanks all for your encouragement!!!


the new website looks amazing lynette! i know it's going to be a huge success - all the best!

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