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30 July 2009


Petrina McDonald

oh yes, I had some serious jealousy going on when I saw that pic of your scrap space in SM!!!


Well look at you all pimpin' in your space. Love your layouts...and your sneakers or shoes or whatever you may call them.


yep spied your LO in SM...GORGEOUS!have a serous love of shoes too, so can certainly relate!!!

and omigosh, just had to show my hubby, your scraproom.Its like heaven and I soooo want one too.[wont happen, but I can dream].

Ann-Christin Larsen

I just LOVE your style! They are så colorful and dynamic! Thank you so much for inspiration;)


still lovin' your work lynette and JEALOUS of that scrap area!!!

Ann Lederhose

oh man, you must have put out big time to get a scrap room like that!!! PMSL

Lynette van Barrelo

Naaahhh... The cabinet maker was cute though!


Your scrap space is AMAZING!

Your Paris layout is just stunning.

Can't say I saw the tree one is this issue of SM, maybe I wasn't looking properly. It looks fab though! Love the photos LOL.

Tammy Templeton

Gorgeous layouts Lynette & they look nothing like a loo in Mumbai! Well done LMAO :D :D


oh my heck! i have not been to your blog in forever! What's wrong with me????
as always let me kiss your but and tell you how much i love your talent and tell you that you are so inspirational.


Obviously I didn't have my goggles on because I just saw the layout plain as day in the mag LOL. Looks fab.


From Scrittura Rosso Signora:
arrivederci means goodbye

Love the layouts, of course. I'll kiss your butt right after Keri gets finished.


Oh my god that Paris layout is soooooooooo STUNNING, let me be the third one to kiss your butt, but seriously I am not just jealous of your awesome scrap space but your enormous talent as well and yep saw your layouts in SM, just totally gorgeous!!!
Hugs xx

candice cook

Love the pages of course!! The owl one is awesome. I love your mojo room too!! :)


Oh, I so want to visit Paris again after seeing your page!
Hell no, I want to come and visit your scraproom, after seeing your photo. I'm so green with envy! (Well, you would have seen my poor excuse for a scrap room, err, space in the mag too. Sob!)

Kristi Smith

Ack! I missed this. Gorgeous stuff, Lynette. I love that little owl and tree. I bought some and I have put them somewhere, I actually think I have two of the owl! lol Your scrap room looks fab! I keep forgetting to register for Skype . . . must do that!!!

Treesa Y

totally stunning you scrap room you are one lucky lady!!

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