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12 June 2009



Ha ha ha Lynette, yes we all did a double take. It was quite scary seeing as that young man is my son's best friend. Your make-up and his dark complexion along with the costume were just too realistic. Very scary.
As for your babies, Your son was absolutely amazing last night (opening night) - he really nailed the dirty disgusting pirate character.
Your DD however, just doesn't cut it as a tough, ugly hairy girl pirate. Try as she might (and she did) she's wa-a-a-a-y too sweet and w-a-a-y too pretty and feminine. But that's okay, being gorgeous is not her fault LOL

Moira Coates

Cold, schmold - I camped in -2 last night! Actually, I was warmer doing that than I am on an average evening inside my house :-) Cool piccies, looks like all concerned had heaps of fun!


awesome costumes! great pics. always difficult to get good pics at kids' productions

Nicole Pomeroy

cold, ahhh I hate the cold. give me some summer any day. Think we might have hit below 0 last night, for us that is COLD. LOL

Love the piccies, DD is way to cute for a pirate. OMG at those costumes, they totally rock



AWE they look scary and adorable. Oh how I love a good play! Great work with the photos Lynette. Can't wait to see more.

It's been rainy and cool here. BUT I'm loving the 20 C it's perfect not too hot and not to cold. My kind of weather. Still cool at night and we don't need the air on yet. =) Great time of year for you to visit again! =)

Have a fun weekend! Hugs! Love ya.


Well that whole thing looks so delicious! I love the mood of the photos and the colors in the costumes are so rich! Wonderful.


Awesome costumes and photos! Your girl looks adorable as a pirate :)


Oh Lynette you made me cry a sea of tears. Thankyou for the post. It is nice to get a piece of reality and act of kindness from a very good friend. This has been the first moment that I have had time to look at this and it just broke my heart. The amount of hard work, dedication and talent that these children showed you just want to hold them forever and tell them how great they actually are. You are also a wonderful artist you created images on that stage that was so awesome. The makeup was largely done by you and you are such a capable lady. Your kids were awesome and so are you!!!!!!!


WOW . . . the kids looked fabulous! A great job on costumes and make-up!


Brillant photography Lynette, gorgeous as usual, I just love looking at your photos what ever the subject.

Tammy Templeton

WOWZER Lynette!!
They are amazing photo's!!
Just stunning costumes :)
I hope they are going to be scrapped?
Love 'em!!

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