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02 May 2009



my 2 teenagers still persist with the 'only old people use facebook'. pfft. whaddathey know!


LOL - you crack me up - I can't even master blogging, let alone facebook or twitter... LOL. Lovin' that LO. I too am loving those designers at Graphic 45 - stunning....


Hi Lynette, been a while since I visited your blog. I am just in awe of all your creations, you are the queen of detail. Am waiting for the Graphic 45 papers to hit my LSS, they look awesome!!
Hugs xx

Moira Coates

Hehe, perceptions are so bizarre, newspapers reporting about how Facebook is finally winning over the older generation (and the includes me in my 30ish age bracket!! LOL) and here's Sue being told that Facebook's for old people. How are us fogeys ever supposed to know what's what?!! I just signed up for Twitter but have yet to decide if I really want to add another techie commitment to my life - surely between facebook and blogging I communicate enough right?


Well I never go to Facebook and I don't Twitter but I do think I'm pretty techie most of the times.

And between you and Kendra it's a wonder I ever pick my jaw up off the floor! Gorgeous stuff
I need to find some of that Graphic stuff to hoard since God knows I never scrap anymore!

Anita Meade

I felt like I was pretty "up with it" just having a blog - now with 'Twitter' and 'Facebook' normal blogging seems a bit archaic! I love it though, so I'm not stopping! Haven't been for a lurk here for a while Lynette, so I've got lots of your creative goodness to catch up on. Amazing stuff! Have a great week. Anita. xxx


I'm pretty pleased that we're taking over Facebook and it's not just a bunch of annoying teenagers anymore.
I love the layout. I'm so jealous. And my new goal is to design some paper that you become addicted to and can't live without. Give me some tips on how I can do that! :-)

Kristi Smith

Gorgeous layout, as always!!!

I can't get into Twitter but maybe if I had an iPhone, I would be more likely to get into it. I think I am spending too much time like it is on there though!!! I have done pretty good this weekend keeping it to a minimum.


WOO HOO awesome and gorgeous layout! GO LYNETTE with learning facebook without the help of teenagers. Women rule and kids drool! =)
You got it going on Kiwi! You the woman, that's right you the woman! =)


Love the layouts!! THat one of Debbie and I is in the mail to me right??? ;)

I think you are a pretty cool mom for knowing what "tweetdeck" is!!


I love the new blue/aqua background. Noice.

By the way, what does "cacking" mean?


We just got that paper in at our store. Very cool. Not very "me"...I wish it was though! I love what you do with it!


wow love this page.. all the techniques you are doing amazing things with the range..

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