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29 May 2009



Isn't that just the best place for a 10y/o boys party! My boys love it too! Can't wait to see what you do with those photos - need inspiration :) LOL!!!

Oh yeah.... don't talk to me about next months Dimensional POP! Humph.....


And you survived to tell the tale...hooray for you! Glad he had a great party!


why is it even CALLED a sleepover!!!


Looks like fun....for THEM! Glad you survived the little turdburgers. Peyton may need counseling. I like that last photo of Tyler with his mouth open and girlfriend looking right at you. Good timing! Kind of reminds me of a Norman Rockwell.

Tammy Templeton

Yep turd burgers is a great description. I often use it to describe my own children (but of late never out loud - due to a 4 yo parrot LOL!)
Love your recent layouts :)
How do you attach your RicRac? I use Pritt power gel but am always keen for something that will do it better ;)


Looks like a very fun party!

Oh and I'm glad to hear you aren't preggers! Hope you are feeling better!

Kristi Smith

Great photos!!! Love them action shots.


You have great patience and stamina!

Kristi Smith

lol, I just updated my blog and went to Debbie's blog, looked at her blog roll, and thought . . . "why is my blog title under Lynette's name?". Now I know. I don't think I stole it . . . maybe subconsciously.

Kristi Smith

It's not exact. Why does that bother me so much that I feel the need to explain myself? lol

Kristi Smith

Apparently . . . I am crazy . . . I HAD to change it.

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