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10 April 2009



waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much information lynette lol. u need a nap, or a hobby. maybe laundry IS your hobby!!! happy easter!


LOL, I may not be quite so OCD, but then again, I do have to have two of the same coloured pegs on each item of laundry, I hang on the line by type (all shirts, then singlets, then pants etc) And I do have roughly the same sorting process, so maybe I am OCD after all. And you're right, there's nothing quite like a line fresh load of laundry. Now go relax already!!


I am completely opposite of you. I only use Tide liquid soap...I feel like the powder does not dissolve or some strange reason like that. I do not like my laundry hung outside to dry...mostly the kid with allergies is the reson..I will hang it up on drying racks in the house. I like my dryer- modern technology is a great thing. If you want I can bore you with how I sort is absurd and that is where my OCD comes in...(I sort into no less than 10 loads)


We're twins!!!!
I understand - I truly understand!


Will I shoot you or wait for someone else???????
No seriously, my only OCD when it comes to laundry is the same colour peg thing like Moira. And well Lynette, you know only too well my ironing situation aarrghh!!!!!!!!! Happy Easter my friend and the same to all you lovely ladies out there. May your days be filled with much chocolate :D

Louise D

I love it. My washing line is equally anal. According to size and colour! I like iorning if there was only enough time in the week. If my sheets, towels and washing are all up to date I feel like a domestic goddess! Crazy or what. Thanks for the laugh. Have a great easter.

Tammy Templeton

I wash. I DON"T iron but I will spend a while shaking out the wet clothes before hanging - trying to get all the creases out. I like to get the clothes off the line when its really sunny. That way their hot and I fold them straight into the basket, getting out as many creases as I can.
I do sort into colours.
I hate washing,
I hate ironing,
I hate putting the clothes into person piles and then putting them all away!!!
Bring on the Easter bunny and all that chocolatey goodness :)


See now I am the total opposite, I don't like my laundry outside because I'm afraid bugs will be in it. I also use liquid not powder.

Petrina McDonald

...nodding....I understand!!!!! I cringe when I see all the other children at my kids' school when they are wearing their 'white' sports shirts and they aren't properly white!!!

Nicole Pomeroy

PMSL Lynette. I'm sort of the same too. Not to the extreme but I HATE rain when it's my washing days. LOVE the sun on my clothes and I hang them according to person and item. ekk, I'm a little cookoo too.


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