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21 April 2009



That is SO ME.
Glad I am not alone.

michelle macdonald

That is so funny. Relate to it! My boy has aspergers and he is so be brutally honest to the psychologist about all my failings!


lol lucky there were no health workers there lol


ROFL!!! I love it. I'm with Michelle - I have an ASD and boy they are HONEST!!!! ROFL.....

Petrina McDonald

why can't I get that sort of entertainment when I am waiting in line at the (not) express checkout?


Oh I bet you were thrilled!


ROTFLOMA now that's funny. But see it worked she knows mom ruled.
You are a good Mom! Thanks for the giggle. =)


Oh bless, a threat that might actually make kids sit up and listen :-) You crack me up Miss Lynette

janene van barrelo

oh i love it!! I might use that one at our place when the boys get a bit older. xx


You crack me up!


shush....the kids are sleeping and I don't want to wake them laughing out loud!!! :)

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