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18 April 2009



and now I feel left out and me feelings are hurt...just sayin'

She is just so gorgeous. Every time I see pics of her I think of you on the phone with her in my car and how she made me start bawling like a sissy la la. Doesn't it make you wish she could stay young and keep that innocence for just a tad longer. Oh gosh training bras already???




I know just how you feel I have 4 little darling girls that are NOT SO LITTLE anymore. (:


Love the action hair! She is such a cutie and I can see why you don't want her to grow up so quickly!


YOU feel left out melinda??? hmmph

what's schoolies?

Kristi Smith

lol, you managed to piss off everyone by leaving them out! But thanks for not leaving me out!!! lol

She is a beauty! I would so spoil her if she were mine! She is so precious.

2016! Putting it on the calendar! Whenever I get a 2016 calendar! ;)

Michelle Jamieson

Your DD is so much like you, Lynette!!

And yes, I'm going to the Convention in June!! :)
Hope you are!!

Chelle Xx


Love the pics. I thought that same when my girls where starting to grow up. Now Kayla is 19 and she is wanting to get married. Jade is 15 in Novemeber and she was in training bras until end of last girl thought she would never grow up. She has now at almost 15 started to look like she is 14 and not 10. Slowly but surely. I am so glad my girls are not into schoolies..I can handle your work as usual. Miss doing your classes. Not much happening here in Ballarat


Loved this.

LOL, worrying about schoolies already. That's like me worrying about Jamie drinking and driving... when he's only three. Plenty of time left to stress later.

janene van barrelo

Hi its me just stalking your site!! Would love to get an invite to that schoolies trip. xx


Hmmm. Interesting. 2016 - you've already thought that far! DON'T. You know my mum said to me the other day *J* could be moved out and married in 10 years and when I laughed she reminded me I was..... scary stuff..... oh - ps can I come too *grin* LOL.


Maybe it's not necessary but I feel I need to clarify for Lynette that in the beginning, when we were all blog newbies, Kristi hooked Lynette, Janette and me up with each other and the four of us commented on each others blogs consistently! Thanks to Kristi, I actually had more people that just her commenting on my blog! Ha So, we are just lucky enough to be the originals.

I loved all those little quips about Peyton. I want to meet her in person. How cute that she was trying to smother you! Haaaaaa Thoughtful.


....and back then I was like one of those boogers that just hung around. So that gets me an invite with the originals! ...I'm sure Peyton would just be absolutely estatic to finish school and hang out with her mothers 50+ year old friends!

Lynette van Barrelo

Woh!!!! Trying to think outside the square here!

I'm a firm believer that a stopover in Hawaii on the way to the US would be so much more attractive to a couple of 17 year olds than a week on the Gold Coast unsupervised! All that debauchery... ugh... they can do better than that!

However, one can't go all that way without dropping in for a cuppa on some of my favourite Americans! Some of them even have sons! ha! Very nice sons.


AWE Peyton is such a little doll. Yes they grow up fast. BUT don't worry Lynette you will always be close to her. Tara calls me daily and I see her now more that she is married then ever before! We are like sisters and best friends. It's awesome. So don't worry if she grows up. It's all good.

Oh I can't wait to see you again. This time I can come party with you all. Oh I get very excited thinking about it! =D


I'm there...wherever there is. :)

Peyton is so cute. I loved reading all those things about her. Cracks me up that she asks if you like being fat. Gotta love the honesty of kids. My nephew keeps telling me I look like I still have a baby in my tummy.

Lynette van Barrelo

Haaaah! Oh everyone is making arrangements already! November 2016, ladies! PLENTY of time to get excited!

Many things could change so if we win the lotto myself, Sherryn, kids, etc. will be over there again in a heartbeat!


if we go to hawaii do we have to wear a bikini??? (just wondrin...)


if we do have to wear a bikini, everyone's got plenty of time to get in shape! :)

(notice how I just invited myself to the party?!) yeah I'm like that. LOL


WOO HOO!!!!!! How freaking excited am I???
Geez... that is so far away...

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