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01 March 2009



Love your photos, as always... Love the title for the ballerine photo! (hihi). And WTH is with that school sign? Too cool that you're taking photos of it!


Cool photos. Methinks I know which school you're talking about :-) Obviously no one ever taught them the 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all' approach! Poor kiddies. How'd you land the butter factory gig? Lovely montage.


Lovely Ballerina photo !!

In fact... "flamange" doesn't mean anything in French !!
Cheese = fromage !!

But anyway I love to read some French on english speaking blogs !

xxx from France


DANG....I WANTED TO BE THE ONE TO CORRECT THE CHEESE OMELET! Sophie beat me to it. Fromage does kind of sound like "flamage" when you say it though so I could understand the confusion.

Great photos. I like your montage. I'm curious now how you did it since there are so many ways to achieve the same results. I know how I would have done it but now I'm curious if you went about it in a different way. I wish we were thinks we could be polygamist wives because I want to marry Photoshop, too!

I think you should write that negative school a letter and point out their flaws!


Love all the photos Lynette! (remember when we first met, and were in Donna's truck heading to her house, and all us American girls kept thinking that Sherryn was calling you "Lynnie". :) I always want to call you that now) are so talented!


Awwwww....I like to read "remember when we were in Donna's truck, yada yada yada." I wish we could do that more often dang it! I miss all you guys. Aussies AND Americans.


Lovely ballerina.
I think I have a love/hate realtionship with photoshop...of course I have el cheapo version aka elements so maybe that is the issue. Anyway there are the aha moments when I am in love with the program, but my hate moments rrrgggghhh. I think if only I had more time to spend learning its full potential!

Tammy Templeton

PMSLOL girl you crack me up! You have THE wickedest sense of humour ;)
Love your 365 day challenge photo's (don't ask me where I'm up to though LMAO!)
Lynette I have a blog award for you on my blog here
I'm also having a little give away if you'd like a look ;)


love the montage. can u do that in PSE? as for saving face? i would sneak over there in the middle of the night and leave my OWN message.....

Petrina McDonald

ha ha Scrappysue - that is what I was going to suggest!!!! Or if you are feeling a little shy Lynette, you could just take photos of the sign and photoshop them with some POSITIVE messages and just pop them in their letter box as suggestions ;-) go on - I dare you!!!!!!!


Ha ha ha ha :D Moi thinkz moi was zaying 'Oh bend zis way mon petite chou' (French for my little cabbage) and 'pleeze ignore zat womaan lying on ze ground wiz ze camera!!" xx

Great photos my friend!!!

Kristi Smith

I am slacking on my blog readin!!! Great photos! That school is crazy, wouldn't send my kid there!


I was sure I posted here yesterday. I wonder where it went????
These are all so gorgeous. I am so glad you are back to taking more photos. Enjoy your day Kiwi!

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