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12 March 2009


Petrina McDonald

ha ha! At least he has a sense of humour then! (makes me glad my Dad ONLY likes country music....)


ha ha i can just picture it!!!

love the page too, he's a little cutie...


Oh Lynette I am going to be he was so embarassed to go to church after that. That is classic!
Love your challenege layout...what a cutie.
The colors in your acrylic album are well as the beauty of a girl you scrapped!


that should have read going to bet he was embarassed...


That was a hilarious story! Oh my gosh I laughed so hard! classic.

Love your layout. Glad you keep playing even with all those balls in the air...

You are awesome!

Kristi Smith

That is hysterical! Everyone should know what the Big O is!!! ;)

Love the layout!!! SO cute. And the little album of Peyton . . . ADORABLE!!!


Laughing out loud. Only you would do something that funny! =) Your poor Dad! LOL He sounds like a good and kind man. =)

Love that layout and that yummy little mini album! Love the colours on it. BRAVO for a job w:ell done.

I have big project ahead of me. I got fabric to make me a spring quilt. Can't wait to dig in. I also have to design a wedding invite for a friend next week. I'm still shooting photos daily. One day I will find some time to scrap. I promised Tara I would help her do her wedding photos. AFTER I go yell at her photographer. He printed out the pictures twice for them and they look like $#%&!!!! Their faces look orange and they are a huge mess. So now I need to go there and show them what my photos look like. The fun never stops!

Hope you have a beautiful day! XOXOX


Okay...that was hillarious!!!

I LOVE your layout..I really like the dot paper as the background. I have a hard time using a full piece of patterend paper for the background. Maybe that should be a challenge!! Thanks for playing still...I know you are a busy girl!!!

LOVE the album of Peyton too. Beautiful!!

Jill Green

Love the LO. Love the picture too. My stash could probably take me to the next century. Glad to hear I'm not alone.


funny story! cute layout. the stars are great. and I love the little stiched pieces of printed text paper on the sides I wish I could think of things like that. And that Album is so wonderful. Girl I want to be you!!!!


That is a GREAT story and I was laughing!!! I like your cute chipboard challenge layout with with stars.... but I'm in love with your acrylic album... and the sneak peak... back to being a tease huh? ;)


drip feed - pfft.

LOVE that acrylic album

your dad sounds like a fun wind up - i bet he loves sherryn too!

Kristi Smith

I am working on it! You are awesome, I suck.


i was watching a tv show 2knight and it featured Australia's beaches.... you all got some hot meter maids over there!

janene van barrelo

hey, once again great job!! funny story too. xx


hi lynette
your story had me giggling.
you have a wicked sense of humoor, and I love checking out your blog!!!
thanks for dropping by mine and taking the time to leave a comment.It made my day!

Diana O'Cobhthaigh

That story is hilarious, can just imagine all the Church Congregation happily sitting in front of the television to watch Roy Oribison ... I bet they all kept watching though. Can't wait to see your Sketched in the flesh next week.


I love this! I got my email newsletter from Kaisercraft this morning with a shout out for a design team. Are u already on the team?? I love love love Kaisercraft stuff - especially their BTP stuff.

I was hoping to make it to your Child Play class but I couldnt make it on both dates in March - its not on in April - will u be doing it again??

Nicole Pomeroy

PMSL, that is one classic story, will keep you in laughter for a LONG time.

Totally adore that LO too chicky, and your album looks heaps better in your photos.

Hope all is well.



That is gorgeous! I love love love the colors!

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