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05 March 2009



love them both lynette, esp the 12 x 12 paper in the first one! keep those balls bouncing :)


Weee! I love these. You should be good at juggling those balls, you've had enough experience! (I'm not saying your life is like a circus...:) - but you do have a couple of clowns around you xx


i'm a wayword thinker! ;) Love your layouts...


Oh Lynette these are simply gorgeous!!!
Well Kiwi you are doing something.
Can't wait to see some more new photos!
I just got my 5th photo make the explore page on flickr yesterday! =)


I love them both. I think the clean tidiness fits that photo so it's very pretty without going ape. But I'm sure it would be nice all aped up too.

Speaking of balls, there are two huge bulls in that corral near the barn. I can't remember why The Farmer said he put them there. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Kristi Smith

Those are gorgeous! I love Subway too. I probably eat there once or twice a week.

I love when you scruff it up. And I won't comment on your balls or your stash.


You've had a lot of experience juggling balls??? hmmmmmm. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Anyway...LOVE the layouts. I'm with Donna, I think that first page just flows well with the picture, not scruffed up.

Going to look at Aussie Scrapjack now.


Hi! Just dropping by :-)

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