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28 March 2009



Yay! You survived!! Glad to see you back. Lovin' those layouts! I love what you do with your photos - maybe you should offer classes on your *technique* and workflow in PS..... you know - in your spare time :) Thanks a million too :)


I have never been to an AA meeting but I have had not one but 2 alcoholic fathers (well one step) and I do know that it is an amazing support group. Good for you for being a support person!

Your work always amazes me! I love that first page and the alpha you used is great, who makes it?

Great photos!

Oh and we call it running around like a chicken wiht it's head cut off! ;)


Love the layouts. I really like that photo of Jayden...Mr. Sexy. Maybe I should say "Future Sexy".
The photos are beautiful, of course. You always get a nice mood.

I think you need to climb up that pole and change that sign so that it says "Pick your friends but not their noses."


I truly love your work. It inspires me, did you know that? Beautiful.

You do sound busy. Hope you get some time off from the rush soon.


we say 'flea in a fit' - you've probably heard that one too lynette!

the acyrlic album is gorge.


LOOOOOOOVE the layouts Lynette!! I am diggin' the colors you used on that first one. Great pics too. The milk cans look so neat!!


just gorgeous as always.. youd be a great support person hope your friend finds their way soon... and

im a blue **** fly ,,,flying running around too.. hehe ...


Gorgeous layouts. Love the acrylic mini. Laughing at Donna because I thought the same thing about picking noses!


WOO HOO on those layouts Darling! They are looking fine! =)
Glad to hear your were a good friend and support and went to the AA meeting to just be a good support. We need more people like you in this world.

I'm loving your new photos too. Hope to see some new ones again very soon. I love seeing your photos. I still have to take mine for today. It's a dark and rainy day here. so I'm still not sure what my photo will be. Putting my thinking cap on.

Have a beautiful day. Many hugs! xoxoxo xxx ooo xxx ooo


Why is it always about Nikki?????????????????????

Louise D

Love the layouts - the colors are all great. The mini album is great too. I am needing new photos here too, nothing like a good photo to mix up those creativity juices! Have a great week.

Lynette van Barrelo

Haaah!!!! She came out! Lyndal came out and commented! Woo HOO!!!

Kristi Smith

That top layotu of Peyton is GORGEOUS! Love it, love the colors!!! Beautiful! All of them are great! Really nice photos!


ummm... too freaking cute!!!! I just may have to scraplift for this weeks challenge! I love the colors... you are too talented. ok, you can never be too talented, I just want some of it. ;)

Nikki Dalgliesh

Aaaahhh. That's better! Ask, and you shall receive. Thanks for the fix Lynette!

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