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22 February 2009



Aaah Lynette, that's the first time in ages that a written joke has made me totally crack up! I'm still chuckling :-)

With my LO, would you beleive that the photo I sent them will be sufficient? Not only do I get the compliment of being published, but my photography & lighting got complimented too ;-) Yay for RAW format!

Poor little bugger, don't let anyone ever say that animals can't express emotion or pain with their faces - the expression says it all. Hope he's on the mend (and maybe this will result in a little less bike chasing?)


Lynette thank goodness Capone is doing well. Poor thing...I would have been a mess.
Nice shots and your visual of you tkaing the photo is priceless.

Maja Kaučič

You have an eye for beautiful details! I wish I could do that half as good as you! I have enjoyed looking at your photos!!


HE needs to be sent to pet awareness seminars as probation. Good thing Capone was spared or HE would be in deep doo-doo. And I'm not talking about what YOU'D do to him...HE'D have to be watching over his shoulder for me sneakin' up on HIM.

That joke was hysterical. I need to memorize it so I can tell someone. I'm a terrible joke teller though.


Oh man...I bet that was an awful moment. I'm so glad Capone is ok. How sad!

Love the mushroom pic. so cool.

Funny told that well!

Lynette van Barrelo

I'm thpeaking with a lithp now and I might jutht wun awound a widdle bit too...

Leanne  Stamatellos

you are a cack lynette!

nice sneak peek on that LO too.


hee, hee, hee, ho, ho, ho - good joke!!!


so mybeck capone not rund abit so mush these days poor bugger at lest he roll good. hahahaha!!!!!!

Kristi Smith

So glad Capone is okay. HE would have had to hear about it the rest of HIS life. Although, I imagine, HE will hear about it the rest of HIS life anyways.

Love your fungi photo.


Glad Capone is OK!!!

Beautiful photos!!!

And it's called Monkey Bread because you pick off pieces and eat it like a monkey would. : )


LOL! love the joke.. I tried to repeat it to Jim after 1 read, but i'm not as funny....


AWE poor little baby! So glad Capone is fine now. I would have been a mess if that happened to Sammy. So happy to hear all is well.

Gorgeous fungi photo. I had to laugh how you were dressed to take it and how you got down to ground level. Yes I too have been on my stomach to take photos in front of my house. People driving by must think I'm nuts. BUT the worst part is getting up with a bad knee off the ground camera in hand. Yeah a funny sight I'm sure.

Looks like you are putting your macro to good work. I need to update my blog soon with some of my macro photos I've taken. They are up on my flickr. Just not enough hours in a day these days.

Funny joke. =)

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