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24 February 2009



ARGH!!! That ball!!! Guess its not a good day for me doing it either.... Totally lovin' your zone. WOW! and that's just 1/4 - cool..... am I totally weird for loving your cupboards LOL. Is that a chocolate tin in the top corner.... Arh... inspirational. Is that as messy as you get? Come on - show us more.... yippee! Oh yes that sisters layout is stunning. Totally stunning. Finally - yes I totally agree - what was she thinking when putting on those GREEN things - classy until then. Diamonds Angelina.... diamonds.... surely she can afford them can't she?????


Deep breaths....find your happy place....maybe on a beach somewhere with a nice cocktail and HOT men waiting on you hand and foot...feeding your grapes and massaging away your PMS. Oh wait is that my happy place?

Lynette van Barrelo

I believe the stars are wearing diamonds as promotional items on loan from jewellers wanting to get their wares into the most popular event in Hollywood. I don't think the actors actually OWN half the the things they are photographed in. Even less so at the Oscars.

My scrap area was constructed using our old kitchen cabinets after we renovated.

Yeah... it gets a LOT worse on top of the bench.

Lynette van Barrelo

Melinda! We were posting at the same time! Did you know that grapes make you fart? SO having some "HOT men waiting on you hand and foot...and massaging away your PMS" could may well go up in a puff of GREEN smoke! haa!


LOL - I just learnt something off your last post Lynette - grapes hey......

I know they are so shocking rich and yet they can't purchase their diamonds - cheapskates.....

ps. Love what you are doing with the Scrapbooks Etc Blog - good work.


I did it!! The ball turned GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!


then PURPLE!!! Woo Hoo - things we do while waiting for the oven to beep!!!! Mmmmm Friands......


ok - that ball game was just mean. i near about shoved my fist through my computer screen. i had no idea you had 3 sisters!!! i love finding out ppl have 4 girls, are 1 of 4 girls. cool!!!


Hehehe, maybe that's my problem, being in a permanent state of PMS. I just get the grouchies and nothing will snap me out of it, not even my year 6 & 7 boys dancing along to a sounds song - just picture it, hip hop dancing to a boppy little song b, bb; c, ck; d, dd; f, ph; gg, g... Must stop being ms grumpy pants!


No Lynette don't go towards the light. Stay away from the PMS light, it is dangerous. Isn't life so disgusting it starts with hormones (which comes with pimples), then it creates children (who also come with pimples), and when you are not looking it sends you into a downward spiral to anger and sheer memory blankness (so who can remember pimples). All the time hoping that along the journey you don't KILL someone. OMG is it the red sports car next.

Love the link to the ball - that string is just nasty!!!!!


I guess the PMS monster depends on each chick and her circumstances. I am of course like Snow White, always singing and dancing from room to room with little critters following me lovingly.

I think those gawdy green jewels were actual real emeralds. They seemed discount store fakes but I'm thinking not.

Cute layout. I love those photos of you and your sisters. Can you ever tell us more about them or are they in seclusion?


I love the layout...beautiful. You and your sisters are so cute. Great picture. That was so fun to see. :)

I really like the glass on the front of your cool.

Your scrap space is cleaner than mine!!


I changed the ball color! I did it!!!! WOO HOO! From blue to a yellowgreen. I love your scrap space! Next time I sit down to scrap, I'm going to pretend I'm there and not at the kitchen/dinning room table.
Love the layout, it is a sweet one!
AND The green jewels looked fake to me, like a weird 1980's green, but I thought she looked really good.

Michelle Jamieson

Gorgeous layout!!
My scrap room has that grunge quite often too...there is no way to keep it clean, I'm sure?? LOL

Chelle Xx

Kristi Smith

I was sure that ball didn't work!!! I was sure I clicked on it, more than once. argh.

Love the layout, I love those photos, so cute.

That scrap space is much too neat for all the work you do in there!!!

Louise D

Do you have to be menopausal to feel like that?? I think kids just think that we are miracle workers and that nothing is ever a problem - it isnt is it? I can very much feel you and think it has to be a good thing that you can laugh about it. The layout is great - I love all the texture. I wish my scrap room looked like that too - and the floor just means that you are a true artist doesnt it? Definately.


That layout is devine Lynette, just stunning and oh my I am jealous of your scrap space!
Hugs xx


Love that messy zone!!! It would mean you are hard at play.
Love your pretty layout. The flowers and the blue are yummy!
The old photos are simply priceless and cute. I think you need to update those photos and do layout with them.

I didn't even watch the oscars. GASP!!!! I went into hot tub and then off to bed. We had a long week last week.

No more PMS over here I am 95% of the time happy, happy now. Getting rid of uterus is a marvellous idea. Having ovaries and hormones keep everything else still in check. Makes for many happy days.

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