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02 February 2009



I think the photos are great (not too sure about your friend and what she is doing to your hubby though? Ha Ha) I especially love the photo of, is it your daughter, on the pier. Gorgeous! By the way, love your blog.


First off LOL at Sherryn! Love that last photo.
You are doing great with all those photos.
I find some days it's hard to find something interesting to take a photo of.
BUT I have been working at it harder this week.
I posted a bunch of new photos on my blog.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the SWEETEST KIWI ever! I hope you had a grand day.


Oh and one more thing..... I LOVE that frog photo!
Would love a copy of it! I LOVE frogs!
Fantastic capture!!!!! =)


Happy birthday! It looks like you had a great birthday (although I do worry that perhaps your girlfriend had a better day? lol)

Hearing you on the photography stuff, but lovin' what you're posting and marveling that you're still keeping on with it. I gave up weeks ago.

Oh, and the high ISO grain problem. I forked out about $80 for Imagenomic's Noiseware software. It's great for taking out that graininess :)


Are you serious - you are a Feb 1 birthday too - OMG I know SO many people with that birthdate - my big bro had his 40th yesterday. You can't be the same star sign tho - you are SOOOO different to him..... anyway - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Lovin' those pics - not so sure about Sherryn tho - you'd better watch her - he he he. Ha ha - love that frog - glad it was on the other side of the glass. See you tomorrow!

janene van barrelo

Hi there,just checking to see what you are up to,i had to call grant in so we could both have a little giggle at your last pic!! Peyton is so
beautiful,did you get a pic of yourself on your special day?? Love your pics, bye xx


Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!
LOVE your photos... the buttons, the glitter... lovely! Love the photo of your daughter as well - I love it when hair flies up!


HAPPY Belated Birthday! I'm so sorry I missed it! I'm glad you had a good day!

Love the photos but I so wish I hadn't gone to the 365 photos, that octopus is really edible? EWWWW!


OMG that last pic is a killer.. nothing like a night of hay lynette... what are best friends for hay.. lmao....

i think i have just come to fully understand the capabilities of the iso .... damned thing it is.. lol just as well the camera comes with a manual ... hehe
stay safe


LOL at that last photo. Pics look gorgeous, ISO playing silly buggers or not :-) Maybe that's my problem at the moment, every LO I photograph looks totally horrid. Will lower my ISO and see if that helps. See ya!!


HAAAAAAA!!!!! Sherryn you got some explainin' to do! Peyton is such a gorgeous girl.
Love the froggy frog.


oh and Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...

and I think the photos are coming out fabulous.


The photos are all great....buttons nice, beads cool, glitter yummy, frog Eeeeeeeeeeee...I LOVE frog tummies, saucy minx so cute, Sherryn!!!!! Bow chica wow wow!


maybe she was about to throw him in the water lynette! glad you had a good day - happy birthday (again!)

Kristi Smith

The photos are fab! You are so rockin' that camera. Glad you made everybody celebrate your day . . . you so deserve everyone to celebrate your day!

I love seeing things like the Harrigan's sign. Wish everyone had that sense of humor.

That last photo is hysterical!


Its an affectionate greeting Brad & I share. Can't you tell, he was lovin it. (Well he had to, because I had him jammed up against the rail!)


A very happy belated birthday!!! Glad you had a wonderful day!

yeah for irish humor!!! :)


great photos Lynette, the last one is hilarious :)


Happy belated birthday Lynette! Love your photos esp the underbelly one!!! Cool! And yes I cracked up at that last one of your friend and what she is doing to your hubby -- too funny!


love the froggy pic!! that one is great :D

LOL at sherryn, that is hilarious!!

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