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09 January 2009



Beautiful photos!

LOL, I tend to be superstitious with my computer and printer. Fiddling tends to stuffs them up, in my experience. Hope you can get the printer working.


I love these. And I love Jaydens new hair colours too! - but tell them to start smiling again...they look so sad.

You lost your eyes lovey? mmm haven't seen them lately?....did you have them in the Tut tut? - refrain from squinting, just bring the paper closer to your nose! x


Oh I do hope you cj makes it back to you. Why? Oh why does this happen? It scares me off doing one.
BTW... i looked at your cj sign in page. I didn't do the maths or anything but I wouldn't have picked you to be a day over 35! True. If I put my yob you'd prolly think I was pretending to be younger than I am :)
Hope your specks find you too.
Fab photos.

Account Deleted

Nice photos...I'm been MIA. Terrible cold! I need to get caught up. Hope you found your peepers.


WOW - I've never noticed before - your kids have different eye colours... interesting or photoshop???? Sorry to hear about your peepers - I am waiting to get my first pair - ARGH! - you're right - can't afford to just go out and get another pair - ouch!! Think of the supplies I could have bought instead... or that new lens - argh!!! Nice pics except I think I prefer a cheeky smirk or something - they all look SOO serious :) Hope you get your CJ back - can't say I've seen it.


Oh those photos are stunning, even if they are not smiling.
Left you something on my blog :)
Hugs xx


Maybe I'm just weird (I know I am in general but I mean in this particular case) but I like the not-smiling look in photos! Your photos are looking really good!!!


Hi chook, I haven't seen it - I think I'm last on the list to contribute to it, dammit! And beleive me, do I have 20/20 or what since the time that CJ started. Looking forward to wrapping the CJ process up - if I do one in future it'll be in a much smaller geographic/social circle!


Love the photos. I like the serious looks but I prefer their smiling faces. ;)

Oh, I hope you get your CJ back. How come you don't know who has it? I guess I don't really know how they work.

Sorry, haven't seen your reading peepers around here.


Gorgeous photos darling!!! I like they are not smiling. Sometimes those are needed. We don't always smile so it's nice to look back on. GREAT work my friend.

P.S. You didn't leave your peepers in Canada. Hope you find them.

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