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22 January 2009


Kristi Smith

Love the layouts, the one of the tree is so pretty. Love all the colors in it.

My forgetter gets better all the time too. Kind of scary.

You are so subtle. lol


i adore your layouts... i'm such a kiss donkey when it comes to your talent. i really thought you were teasing us there at the beginning. ;)

Kristi Smith

And that windmill photo is wicked cool.


I love that poem. I can definitely relate to it.


Love Love Love these Layouts!

I wouldn't laugh or make fun of you when you have THOSE moments...NOT. by the way have you found your glass's yet?

At least you remembered when your birthday is! xx

Account Deleted

Love the layouts. Love all the elements. Love the Fa La La letters. Very yummy.
I really like that double, too. There you go again making a nice double when you're a double disliker!

Lynette van Barrelo

Yes!!! Yess!!!! Yesss!!! I have found my glasses! They were stashed deep, deep, deep in my sock drawer. If one wore socks in summer one would have definitely found them sooner! One even remembers putting them there for safe keeping. =D


Now Lynette hooray that you found your glasses but more the question is why would you need to tuck them in a sock drawer for safe keeping? I love the fa la la line...nice work using all that product!
Hope he got your very subtle hints...I mean maybe you really should have been more specific and clear.


LOL, that's lucky you found your glasses before next Winter. Who would have thought to look in the sock drawer.

Lovin' the layouts! Gorgeous clustering on the LHS of the double :)


Ha! your sock drawer! oh yes of course, thats where one keeps their glasses. Gosh I'm glad we're really NOT related or I'd be scared! xx

Lynette van Barrelo

Ha! Me too but for totally different reasons! =O


Haaaaaaa!! I so-o-o totally relate to that poem, I think I probably wrote it but I can't remember :D
Thanks for sharing LOL
Love the windmill photo. You're so good! xxx


Is it even fathomable for you to make a 'so-so' layout? I'm always picking my jaw up off the floor after visiting you and Kendra's sites!


awesome LO's Lynette!! how clever are you!!



a lot of beautifull layouts... i love all the sweets details


Glad you found your glasses! Woo Hoo! I would totally put mine in my sock drawer! =D I hide things all the time and then can't find it back.

LOVE that layouts darling. VERY nice. I also love that windmill. Cool Beans!

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