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12 January 2009


Diana O'Cobhthaigh

I'm booked in for Dimensional Pop ... can't wait to see what the layout looks like ... oh my, have you used a border punch again?? Let me at it, let me at it ... LOL. See you soon.


How cool - a tree house - Peyton can I come over and play? Pools hey - looks like we need to talk ;)Hubbys hands look like they work hard. Did he leave some of himself on the treehouse? Dimensional pop...hmm need to look into that - I'm a bit scared - Diana and that punch again....hmmmm LOL Looks like fun tho - any class with you is fun tho isn't it!!!


How funny that you mention my house and your treehouse in the same post considering a friend of mine doesn't think my house looks like a barn but instead says it looks like a treehouse.

That's pretty awesome! Keep thinking postively!!!

Love your day 2 photo. : )


Go Dad on the tree house. So how will the boys like her feminine touches on the place? Can you see her giving them the business for trashing the joint? She will need a broom to shoosh them off- ha!
I have considered doing the 365- not sure I would stick to it. Good for you for the positive thinking.

Moira Coates

A stylish, Peyton decorated tree house - cannot wait to see the photos and layouts that emerge from this turn of events! Am coming up for Moonlighting and Sketched this weekend - will I get to catch up with you? :-)


I want to come and play! Can you carry out a per sq inch weight ratio before please....

Heading over to check out your timetable now.

Cute as ever.

Err...Peyton, not Brad! x

chris wormald

Awesome..can't wait to see it finished!


Wow a real treehouse! With carpet and furniture and all... makes me think of the movie Dennis the Mennace, where the boys have to spend their day with Margaret and they hate how she wants to decorate the treehouse with curtains and all! Anyway - you get the picture!
Sub - meaning Subway?!?! I'm totally jealous! We don't have Subway over here. When we visited the US (back in 2007) we had sandwiches there and we loved them! I miss those!

Account Deleted

A POT plant? You guys grow pot? Huh?

I love the idea of a tree house. Living on our hill is the next best thing. You must look into a children's book called "Miss Twiggley's Tree" by Dorothea Warren Fox. It's wonderful!

That photo of Brad bending over with his butt pointed at Jayden is funny! The look on his face is priceless. I'd love to read your caption if you scrap that one!

janene van barrelo

A tree house, very cool!!! I bet Peyton makes a very good assistant for Brad. Look forward to
seeing it finished. xx


Hey! Where are the concert photos! Would love to see them. Thinking about Dimensional Pop in Feb! Im doing a 8 wk MYOB Course on Thursday afternoons so hope it dont clash - will check it out. Stay cool xx


BTW - I'm booked into your class so be nice :)


Oh I wanna come play in the tree house too. so cool that you have pics each step of the way. GREAT work darling!

P.S. You are behind posting you photos for 365. =)

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