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28 January 2009



Hi Lynette,

Thanks for visiting my blog!! Yes you are even more gorgeous IRL and wow, love your blog - fantastic photos, your work is sooo inspiring! Ok, I'm following your blog now lol...


Noice Lynette.... very noice..... love the photo of the eye - wow.... does that mean we need to wish you a Happy Birthday or did you get to play with your present early.... BTW great picture Peyton - very well done.


No, no, no. Don't say that. I can't possibly live up to a title like that! LOL. I do love your work too.

Lovely, lovely pics. I am quit jealous of your nice new lens.


Loving the pages here and the pics taken with your new lense.


WOW! Those are some amazing shots! I may have to add that to my wish list too!


You got the lens! Woo Hoo! Yes it takes some getting use to. Has a very small depth of field. BUT it sure is fun. I hate using a tripod with mine. That is too hard and a big pain. Try and rest the lens on your arm that helps a lot. You can't have any shake with it. As you have noticed. You got to try the little insects, you will be amazed at what you can capture. Love your eye photo. That is stunning. Have fun with it. I'm sure you will show all kinds of beauty. You must get a flickr account and I can send you links to some great macro photographers. It will give you all kinds of idea. I am so addicted to that sight. So much talent and so many ideas. You won't be sorry.

Account Deleted

Very nice! You've set the bar pretty high for yourself to be taking that beautiful shot of your peepers on your first day!!! Love it.

And the eye photo is mesmerizing.

Come take some pictures of me. Wait, don't do that because if you use that lens I will see every imperfection and will get depressed. Just come visit me instead. No, I'll come visit you.


Glad you are happy with your lens. "The Eye" is amazing. I want to see some up close and personal shots of your frogs...even better if they are covered in dust!


Did Donna say she's coming to visit!? Yeepppeee!

These are very cool photos. This is Tyler's eye? Did you mascara his lashes? The look very separated.

Ok, so if I become an Australian citizin, will I get invited to your Aust Day BBQ next year? xx

Anita Meade

Hi Lynette.
Where can I get me some of those glasses that banish stretch marks??? LOL! I'll have 6 pairs please. Enjoy the new lens - looks like it's getting a good workout :) Anita. xx


i love that one of the glasses!!! school's back on tues and wed here - seems like they've been out for a while!

Leanne Stamatellos

since i'm not in the "friends I stalk' list I guess i'll have to leave a comment.

that is one mighty lens you have there - might have to catch up for some serious play time soon.


Love the 'Peepers' shot. Lucky duck with the new lens, very jealous.




Happy Birthday my gorgeous perimenapausal friend!!!!
Yea, hope you have a great day and a luscious lunch with your family xxxx

Julie Heard

How cool are those close up shots Lynette.
A macro lense is on my 'i want' list ... unfortunatly it keeps getting bumped lower down as more 'we need' things pop up round the house.... oh well, one day maybe lol.


michelle macdonald

I was just looking at your things in the Masters magazine this weekend again, and was thinking how lovely your work is. You must of got some terrific masters prizes too! Love your camera Lens... so awesome.

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