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17 January 2009



Hey I'm loving your Project 365 side bar - and yes I'm sad - I check it regularly so keep it up girlfriend. As for a macro - not sure on that one yet but I'm loving, LOVING my new 24-70 2.8L - just loving it. Keep us posted on your choice tho. How's the treehouse going?


I like that photo- pretty cool how he is in focus in the background. Lynette you have your computer poof on you too much...I feel for you. Hope it all gets worked out.

Lynette van Barrelo

Nah... This latest 'Poof' is due to the fact that the kids have chewed up our download quota for the month. Only 2 more days to go before I can put on my goggles again.

Account Deleted

I love that photo. I'm confused about your not in good focus comment. I like it. I like the blurry in the front and focused in the back but maybe you wanted him MORE in focus. Do tell!


Fab photo. I think you did well to focus on the face through the spokes. It's great.
DH has just brought home a 50mm f2.5 macro - might have to test it (read 'steal' it) - it'll do the job! :)


i have been looking at macros myself.. jill gg recommends the 60mm... i bought the 50mm from harvey normans cause its a cheap one to start with and affordable.. its around the 140 - 150 mark .. bargain with them on the price the took a few bucks of me and i got it for $139-

the 60mm is better its around the 500 mark price wise but u can zoom in and out with it as well i think..

with the 50mm its a standard lense u cant zoom in and out on subjects.. the blurred back grounds are amazing.. when u pick one and use it .. you will be amazed at how easy blurred back grounds become... no effort.. gotta love that.

im no guru .. but hope that helps. if not just hasslee JILL GG.. i do ... :O


Very cool photo. I need to go check out your sidebar.


Hi there - see this? This is me not lurking and faithfully leaving a comment every time you post ;-) I finally heeded your advice and bought myself a 50mm for Christmas and I am sooooo in love with that lense. Now I just have to work out a) how to sneak in 1 PS purchase and b) a subscription for some photo training! Mrs van B, you are bad for the bank balance!!!


Awesome shot! Love it!

I tagged you on my blog!:)


Love that all your photo's. I thought you had a macro lens? So have you been using the 50mm for your close up's?? I wanted to get macro lens aswell but I dont know what to get I only got my camera last yr still working out how to use it! Do u think I should just get the 50mm?
Mwah Treesa


WOW I think I've been away from the blogs for too long. Just got back from Los Cabos on Sunday and had the time of our life. LOVED using my new wide angle lens there. I also joined a group to take a photo a day on flickr. I'm keeping up thus far and it's day 20. I will email my link.

As for the macro, go run and get the 100mm f/2.5 macro usm. I loveee mine. It takes awesome photos with great details. You won't be sorry.

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