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12 December 2008


Kristi Smith

Sorry about the misspelling, but everyone will know who you are! But I know what you mean.

Cute photo, I can only imagine Peyton's face when the baby's nappie rumbled and then exploded. Too bad you missed that shot. lol


Bummer about the name...but you are still the WOMAN!!!
Peyton is looking so mature...your girl is growing up.


i love his pot belly, that was CLEARLY ready to explode out the rear - too cute


Just as well everyone knows who you are! Perhaps you'd like to change your name? something they can spell, I'm sure its going to be in lights many more times!

Lochie is a cutie...I can just imagine Peyton's reaction, and I look forward to a reference somewhere in your future scrapping!

Speaking of your keepsake....can I brag on my blog about it?


Ha! What's in a name anyway. You are only known as "wife to Brad and mother to Zane, Jayden, Peyton and Tyler". he he he. You know our last name - it is always spelt COMPLETELY wrong!!! Wish I saw poor Peytons face when the eruption happened. The look in his eyes says it all I think. congrats again Lynette

Melleny Ams

Congratulations to you. What a shame about the spelling of your name. It is so annoying when that happens - people do the same, with mine all the time. I look forward to getting to know you and work with you.


What everyone else commented....that's what I'm saying, sort of.
But I used to have a name that was misspelled and mispronounced and it did get aggravating so I think they need to correct it right quick!


Sorry they got your name wrong. They will fix that next time. At least they see your amazing talent.

Peyton looks so cute holding her little cousin. Such a cute shot. She face must have been priceless with the explosion happened. Can't wait to see the LO on it.

I'm so proud of you Lynette. Keep up the great work. XOXOX


Congratulations Lynette!
Your work is absolutely it!
Looking forward to working with you and seeing what you come up with in 09!!

Chelle Xx


My typepad is being difficult, just checking to see if yours is being difficult too.


Nope, your's is being nice.


Congrats Lynette!
Yur woek looks awesome. Looking forward to getting to know you throughout next year!

Julie Gordon

Congrats Lynette! Looking forward to getting to know you and the others in 2009, I have finally created a blog (link above) but still trying to work it all out! Love your work, still waiting for the mag here too!

janene van barrelo

Hi, so well done to you Mrs Master van Barrelo!!!
Thats 2 r's and 1 l people!! Next time i am sure
they will spell it correct, yes i am predicting a next time. On a mission now to get a copy of the mag. Bye xx

michelle macdonald

Congrats Lynette! Love your creativity and funky flair! I can't wait to get the magazine and check out the wonderful creativity.

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