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08 December 2008



you take such great pics and you're kids are so good looking - we can handle the jandal! aussie scrapjacked - awesome! heading over there now :)


You crack me up girl. I was thinking the same thing - neglect that it. Well done Lyndal for speaking up!! He he. So what is it you are showing us in Jan - you without your pants on or a layout! Well done on aussie scrapjacked - I too am heading over there now to check it out. Geez you are good advertising ;) I know what you mean about huge noggins - my 2 are exactly the same. Hats are a definate problem. Enjoy the school holidays - another 7 weeks to go I think..... ARGH!!!!


You are a great photographer as well as scrapper Lynette. Congrats on your possie at Aussie scrap jacked....well done!
Hugs xx


I have an enormous head too! That elastic band thing...yep...totally understand. I wish I could wear them sometimes because they are so cute. But then they just don't stay on. So sad.


You DAG!

Cant wait to see the 'with the breeze' LO!


Congratulations Lynette!

You will be fabulous.

well done :)


wow your work soooo much ..
yur detailed devine layouts...
amazingly superb photos ,,and a whitty read too..
hope you had fun in the US ..hahahh your a clssic with that cabbage so going to try that ,heheh
thanks for dropping by my blog ..very inspired by scrapjack....
xx lisa xx


Congrats Lynette- you certainly will be an asset to them...they are lucky to be graced with your talent!
So in Jan soem day we will click on the puter and see pictures of you running with no pants on-WEEEEEE! oh and duck... I tossed some old salad at you ;)!


You're so funny!! I get you about the a/c. I hate being all sticky, sweaty hot, too.


I have a big head but not in the actual sense. Mine is all a state of mind. And I'm going to have a bigger booty (for real) if I don't stop eating the bag of peanut M & M's sitting on my desk!

I love the photo. Your kids are so cute. Not throwing old salad yet.

And I enjoyed the fact that you spelled out those sets of initials I hate! Good one.

Going to go check out the scrapjackthingiemajig now. Congratulations!!!!!!!!


Congratulations Kiwi!!! I always enjoy reading your blog. BUT I must say I do enjoy you much more in person. We miss you here in Canada. =)
GREAT pic of your handsome little man. Have a great day darling.

Lynette van Barrelo

Donna, if you continue with the M&M thing I won't feel so bad. So do it for me! =D

Janette, Kristi, Melinda, Debbie and Donna, I wish I was enjoying the brisk, snowy weather with you. Getting older requires much more clothing and Qld summers are no good for the likes of ample-bodied babes like me... I WANT TO COME BA-ACK!!!!!


I get the starting on Monday thing ... I do that all the time too. I have small head, so all those elasticated headbands just slip off. I got excited when you had a link to Lyndal ... I thought she'd started in the world of blogging ... it wasn't to be. See you soon.


We want you BA-ACK!!!
And I froze my butt off today. FROZE. and complained about it too.


Hey you! I have a big head and stubby fingers!...Forget the Monday thing...just say "Next Year"! too!, see you Thursday x


Yep, this time of year you can wear layers and layers. I love my turtlenecks, covers up my pale, pasty skin!!!

Congrats on your new gig! Actually we should be congratulating Scrapjack!

Never tire of seeing your gorgeous kids!

Come BAAAAAACKKKK . . . you can live in my basement. ;)

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