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15 December 2008


Petrina McDonald

oooooo! I just got a little shiver when I saw my name there and my little corners!! V. nice! I will now forgive you for the museum comment on my blog LOL! I hate to break it to you but we have more than one museum here....if I recall rightly there is likely to be one somewhere about Rum as well ;-)

As for the ballet costume and the gluing....I hope to goodness my child never takes up ballet because when it comes to costumes I am very good with a stapler.


I hear you with glue - its amazing stuff isn't it. I glue everything too - even down to broken school shoes with one 1 week to go before holidays :) LOL I'm actually impressed that your boys are even at the ballet Lynette. I can't imagine mine sitting there even with some electronic form of entertainment. Nice photo corners too BTW. Thanks for the link to the Christmas carol - awwww - love it. Does that make me a sookie la la too.

amanda hall

wow. Have been looking at this page for the last 5 mintues trying to work out those corners!

Amazing work Lynette. Exactly why you were named master - totally inspiring.


Oh Lynette you know this is my favorite Christmas Carol....and thanks to Peyton on the phone while in my car you now know I am a sookie la la cry baby as well! I think I will never forget that...good memories.

So my question for you is do they not just order the dance outfits from the costume houses? I guess I am thankful and grateful that we mothers here do not have to be responsible for that! We pay, the dance studio orders them, and our children wear them....ha can you imagine me trying to do that?

I bet the kids were a blast to listen to singing and should try to sneak in and video them.


LOVEEEEE that BG layout. It's so yummy! Then again I will always love and adore anything BG and anything you create.

My girls never got into the whole dance thing. Seeing all the work you do for it I'm glad they never did.

Hope life slows down a little for you and you are able to enjoy the season.


Tina Q.

That last layout is so beautiful, Lynette! I love the paper, the pom poms! It's great!


Smart - not lazy!
Thanks for the Trans-Siberian pointer - I'm liking them.
Hope you have a great Christmas. We've yet to get the SingStar out :)


I'm all for Maximum effect, minimum effort! See you when the Sequin Season is over! PS: I didn't know you were a sookie la la? xx


Love the layout. Very nice. Cute photos of Peyton.
I think the gluing idea is genius!


love the layout, and those corners are pretty cool! boo hoo on not winning your draw - i bet you're sending out cool stuff too! well done to the winners - actually...

merry madhouse and sequin glueing!


Love that sequin photo. Very pretty. Yep, my momma always bought my costumes, no sewing or glueing!!! ;)

Cool layout. Cool photo corners.

Account Deleted

i love abba! =) I don't know how to sew either, so I'm sure i'll b gluing costumes in a few years too. fab layout as always. you rock my scrappy world!

Leanne Stamatellos

love the 'umm hello' layout - bet it's even nicer in real life!

i'm in need of cs4 too - maybe I need to ask Santa also!


So I thought you should know this: I came here looking for this very post bc I remembered you linking that awesome Christmas Canon you tube video last Dec. Anyway I am now sad bc they have removed it for copyright reasons..hmmpphhh!

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