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02 December 2008



hi Lynette, i am a lurker...sorry!! i regularly pop in an check out your inspiring creations and gorgeous photos!! Hope you find your US pic's soon!



I had to remind myself that it's summer for you all in Austrailia :) Your pictures are beautiful!


Yes I'm with you on the mr Jackman..hmmmmmmm
How's all the ballet things going??
I must say it's refreshing for me not a sequin in site. What will I do with my time???? lol

Anita Meade

Hi Lynette, I'm a relative newcomer to lurking on your site but you've drawn me "out of the closet!" So sorry to hear about your "lost" a scrapbooker, a story like that makes my heart ache (and now I'm going to hook up my external hard drive and back-up - thanks for the prompt!) Love your blog :) Anita. xxx


Oh the pain of losing photos. Will you be able to retrieve them? I certainly hope so.
I've left comments before but I certainly am a lurker, but I bet you don't know what I had for brekky!
Yay - your kids are gorgeous and so are your photos!


she's got the whole pensive look going too! saw the shorts for 'australia'. ole' nicole does a good snooty look does she. saw ghostown with the hubs - loved it. very funny. hope the photo folder situ rectifies itself!



I confess....I'm a lurker. Not a newbie though as I've posted before.

Bugger about the photos! Hope you find them.


Peek-a-boo! Coming out of the closet here too! As for the Drover....hubba, hubba! Saw him in the flesh at our local pool. It's as fantastic IRL believe me. Good luck with your piccies, I'd love to see them. B-) Sami


Newbie - now you tell me. Knew I came out too soon - he he he :) Nice pics of girlfriend. Do I get anything if I tell YOU what YOU had for brekkie waffle woman!!! :) LOL Sorry to hear about the MIA pics - you'll just have to go back and take some more :) Hope you find them....


you caught me! I've been lurking for a while. I enjoy all your pages and your pictures so much and no clue why I haven't left you a comment before now.



:) :) :)



Hi Kiwi, It's me your old friend who leaves you many comments and loves to kiss you. =) I miss you lips. Oh dear I hope you still have the large copies of those photos. That really sucks. I did something like that the other day. Took pics of my new cards cropped them all and then I went to delete one but not paying attention I deleted them all. I found them in the trash. I'm still learning this macbook, but I am loving it. Hope you have not lost all your photos. HUGSSSSSSS!


too bad I comment already!!! :)
still not bored by the shots of your lovely kiddo's!!
But must admit I'm anxious for the US photos!

ps leave me out of the RAK.

and now,

DOEG!!! (cheers in Dutch)


ooohhh look at all the lurkers coming out Lynette. Your temptation of a RAK is working. I hope you still have the larger pictures and have not lost them all. If you did then you will just need to hop back on a flight over here and re-do them ;)
Love the first shot of girlfriend jumping.


No fair! I came out of lurker status without a rak! I didn't know that if I had waited a mere month I coulda won something. dang. :-)

That poofing of the US pictures has got to be super depressing. I feel for you babe.


Girlfriend is very saucy! I love the 'jump' one! You need to come visit the eastern coast of the US and take some pics for me!


Holy Cow! You have such a persuasive way...look at all these lurkers you've bought out!
I can only imagine how many hot & sweaty hours you put into loading those photo's, so I hope you can work your magic and get them back?..cause I really want to see them too! Sorry, if it has Nicole in it, I lose interest, but have heard mixed reviews about it. Catch up soon x


How frustrating losing that file!!! Hope it pops up somewhere :D Love girlfriend's 'Oh what a feeling' shot x


Wow what a great page and very photogenic offspring too. This is the first time I have looked at your page so does this count as coming out of lurkdom? Hope so. Perhaps it is time to do a trip to the shop. Love your L/O's - always have. ;-) and merry christmas too.

donnapiranha er I mean newbiebunnywings

I still have the KC bunch of your photos if you need them back! I'll keep them safe for now.

Love the photos. I am anxious to see Australia. I didn't know it tanked here in the US! I love Hugh Jackman. Hubba Hubba. I was just reading about him and his "Sexiest Man Alive" status in People magazine today at the dentist office. He's even more attractive because he's a dedicated hubby and father.

Kristi Smith

So that is how you get them out? ;)

Oh, I feel for you, it is so upsetting to spend so much time on something and then poof . . . gone. Did you cry? I would have cried.

LOVE, LOVE that photo of Peyton jumping. All of the photos are gorgeous.

Lynette van Barrelo

Hello Miss "donnapiranha er I mean newbiebunnywings"!!!!! You sound familiar to me... =D

I'll do the draw in a couple of days. I'm a wee bit busy at the moment...


Yep, I'm a lurker! I visit regularly just to see your photos, you are awesome! I try to take great pics, (I have an awesome camera) but they don't look like yours!

Leanne Stamatellos

Hi lynette, I'm a long time lurker and have always been so scared that you'd bite if I left a comment. Hope I win your RAK. Now you just need to visit my blog, OK!

maybe I should have said stalker not lurker


Ha! I see that Haggith already commented... what about: HALLOOTJES! (which is a rather annoying and overrated version of Hello). I read your blog all the time but I don't always leave a comment. I will improve my life... Losing photos really sucks! I hope you have the larger files somewhere safe.
TOEDELEDOKIE! (a very very very annoying way for overly popular people to say goodbye)

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