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18 December 2008



Ha! You and I want the same thing for Christmas. LOL. I guess you were better behaved than me as nothing has arrived at my doorstep!! :(


i don't know what any of those words in the last line mean...

kerry has very cool hair

have fun with your new photoshop - is the comp in the scrappin room too?


ok - heat pump

i heart google


That totally sucks that your airconditioner is kaputzki. We couldn't live without it - not that it's really hot during the summer but Dennis can't handle the heat and he gets more skin damage. So we are wearing sweaters and socks and he is having a good time! Something doesn't sound right here!
I have (a non-legal version - AHUM) CS3 and I'm still very happy with it... I'm in need of another upgrade... I want another camera for Christmas (I have the Canon rebel and I want the D50) but now with all the bills from the vet... I'm not sure that will happen. Ah well - if only he gets better it'll be worth it!


Hmmmmph Santa neglected me this CS4 for me :( I sure would like it though. I did get a trip so it is not so bad after all.
Hope you get that air conditioner situation fixed...I do not like to be hot and sweaty!


Just love the photos of our ladies, they look stunning - ready for the cover of a mag, I thing lol. Glad you all had fun out there!!!! Also love the photos of our girls especially the one that shows their 'bookends' missing teeth - tres cute!!

Sorry to hear about your airconditioning, hard to be creative when you're melting. Hope all you ladies in Nth America are okay with severe weather :D


Well Kiwi, it's very cold outside here in Canada. I keep thinking of You and Sue and how cold you thought it was in October. It makes me smile and giggle every time. =) We got some gorgeous snow here and they are calling for another snow storm tomorrow. I can hardly wait. I hope the roads are safe but give me lots of snow to enjoy. =) Hubby got me a gorgeous new wide angle lens. It's the 17-40mm USM F4,0L I can't wait for new fresh snow to go out and play with it. It's my Christmas and Birthday gift. We were not going to do anything but we thought this lens will come in handy next month in Los Cabo, Mexico. =)

LOVE all those pretty women on here. You took wonderful pictures. Hey did you ever recover your USA and Canada photos???????????? I sure hope so.

Enjoy the heat as we enjoy the snow. Kissy, Kissy.


Well....I have an airconditioned scrap room. I suppose I can make room for you to visit if you want. I'll tell Veijo to move a couple of things! Nice photo's, Kerry IS looking very saucy! You better get working on that cooling issue....its gonna be 35 today! xx

Lynette van Barrelo

Um... Janette, I believe that was Sherryn and I there in October. =D

I do have the original US pics... somewhere. I so need to be sorting them into folders...


Apparently Janette was still doped up from post-surgery medications and doesn't know who came to visit her! Haaaa

I am hoping to have that CS4 myself if I get that nice new MACCCCCCC! Pleez, pleez, pleez, pretty pleez.

The girls are all cute but I especially love the two little girls. So sweet!


Lucky you! You'll be having a good Christmas with that in your stocking :D

I hear you on the airconditioning! We haven't been able to find the remote control yet this season. And the aircon doesn't work without it. Oops. Looks like we might have thrown it in the bin by mistake :(


OH MY GOSH.... I'm sorry Sherryn that was a bad blonde moment. PLS forgive me. At least I got the S right. Yikes. Good thing I didn't call her Sammy then I would really be in trouble.


OH MY GOSH.... I'm sorry Sherryn that was a bad blonde moment. PLS forgive me. At least I got the S right. Yikes. Good thing I didn't call her Sammy then I would really be in trouble.

Kristi Smith

All of the schools around here were cancelled today. I slipped and slid on the ice on the roads last night.

We can't keep the house warm enough. Isn't that crazy?!?

Glad you got what you wanted!!!


i'm sorry to hear about the heat conditions there!! can you send some warm weather over here? it's just inbetween nothing here. Not really cold but can't say it's nice weather either. blehhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

love your pics!!!

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