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28 December 2008



I only shoot in RAW. Eats up a lot of space but I love having all that info to go back to! So much you can do with it!


I'm happy you are happy. I'm blue. My SIL is not doing well. Back in the hospital and she could go at any minute. Every time the phone rings my heart skips a beat. Please pray for Jocelyn and her family.

Love what you are doing with your camera and PS. It's always fun to play. Love you bunches.


Very noice Lynette. Love the one of GF with her ipod blowing bubbles in the scrub!! How cool. Isn't your doggy just the cutest - what a poser. I'm just starting to shoot in RAW now so I need a bigger CF card - the biggest I have is 8GB. I'll add it to my list when I get my new camera and lens... he he he. Enjoy playing before the deadlines kick in. Happy PS time!!

Kristi Smith

Wow, those are really gorgeous Lynette! I am jealous I don't know how to make my photos look that good!!! Your pooch is adorable and Peyton is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Leanne Stamatellos

Don't you just love RAW?
I often wonder why I never knew about it sooner.
Are you shooting Manual or AV/TV ?

Have fun and enjoy the photography - can't wait to see some layouts with all these amazing pics.

OH, and I just saw I'm on your inspiration list ... are you kidding?


nothin' like new toys to play with huh? did someone get an ipod for christmas too? keep having fun with your new camera lynette - we're enjoying the ride!

Lynette van Barrelo

I'm still playing... with my new SOFTWARE, Sue. ;)

However, if I had my way, I would be updating my recently updated Canon 40D with a Canon5D and then I would be singing a happy song and dancing a happy jig. Alas, my updat-ion (?) is only a few months old and a new camera is not on the horizon for this decade at the very least.

Yes, the kids all received an iPod and $120 in iTunes gift cards each. Spoilt rotten. They are loving them! I'm hearing AC/DC belting out of one mouth and ABBA out of another. Unfortunately, we are having issues with the third iPod and it will be returned to the point of sale today for a replacement.


I love the photos. You're very talented. My CS4 is on order but hasn't been sent out yet, dang it!


Hey it's me again - stalker girl - you know.... LOL. Hey, are you having any issues with your 40D - I was looking into new cameras and apparently there are problems with the 40D & 5DM2! ARGH - how annoying. Loving the person singing ABBA - me too!!! I got a new surround sound system - the neighbours are loving it - probably NOT!! ABBA FOREVER!!!


Hey Lynette, How hot is it????? We're m-e-l-t-i-n-g........ no wonder your mojo is shot. Glad you're enjoying the holidays. We're the same, no school lunches, no ballet, no nothing. Just the way we like it :D
Oh, and I received an IPod from my DH for Chrissie. Finally got it working and sang loads of Motown and Aretha Franklin very badly on my morning walk. Keep forgetting no-one else can hear the music LOL. DH was trying to play Name That Tune but I sounded too tragic hee, hee!


I love those photos, Lynette!!! I sometimes shoot in RAW, but seeing I don't have a clue as to how Photoshop works, I haven't really done anything with it yet.

yeah for ABBA....DD is totally into ABBA as well, and mama sings along at full speed. :)


Love all your pics, had a look through your blog and you have inspired me to use PS for more than just re-sizing photo's... :D

Congrats on being named as one of the masters too, totally well deserved!!! LOL yep I know i'm a little slow..

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