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15 November 2008


Petrina McDonald

I always have the sound turned down so it doesn't bother me either way. I have found though that blogs with music take a little longer to load - not good for the impatient amongst us ;-)


Hmmm, you could have been talking about my oldest in your first para!

Love your pages! That dragonfly rocks!


I will read it with or without music Lynette! Awesome as always, hugs xxx


Noooooooo!!! Don't do it!!! :)


I too always have the sound turned down so put on what you like. Must be so amusing to have those boys around to make you laugh all the time. Nice the preggers bellies.

Donna and Buster

I enjoyed the story and would have liked to have been there. What I want to know is how do you make a phone call from the kitchen and actually know it's coming from the kitchen. This is new to me.

Music on blogs bugs me and I always hit my mute button. But I'd be interested to know what songs you would choose.


I just realized that Buster and I commented on your blog! OOPS. We do that on Daily Bunny.

Lynette van Barrelo

Why has no one commented on the journalling in the preggers layout? Kind of a juxtaposition if I must say so myself.... =D and I crack myself up!

Donna, our telephone handsets are digitally labelled. Caller ID tells me where they are coming from.


Haaaaaaa!!! I just zoomed in on the layout. I hadn't done that before so I didn't even see that small part of the title. And it's typed in an "oh so classic and fancy" font. Very funny! You SHOULD crack yourself up.

Part of my phone question was "how do you make a phone call from your kitchen to another part of the house!?" I've never heard of that. That's like dialing your own number, right? We don't have an option for something like that.


love the belly's. A girl at work is 26 weeks and everytime I see her I can not help but stand there with my hand on her belly waiting for bub to move. arhhhhh the memories, that's 1 thing I miss


yes to the music... yay love blogs with music great pages!!


gorgeous layouts! love the colour in the second one. it took me a while to find the journalling! yep - can remember those days well.

NO to the music!!! (just my opinion)


oooh love the detail on the pages - so very clever. LMAO at the journaling too!!

Please tell me if you use a HS distressing tool for your edges? Or scissors? Looks bloody fantastic!!


Yersh.... =) Bring on the music. Your son is too funny. It made me laugh Kiwi. LOVE them layouts, I'm glad I don't have an elbow in my bladder! Ha!

Kristi Smith

I love that layout of the two of them, but I already had read the journaling before, hadn't I?

Your details ALWAYS amaze me. AMAZE ME!!!

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