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24 November 2008



Lovely piccies, which lense did you use to get those?


He has great eyes! Young girls of OZ watch out he is going to break your hearts one day.

I hear you on the out of focus thing- probably explains why I now take a bazillion pics of something..hoping to get at least one or two good ones out of the lot.


Those are some amazing pics!! I dont think you are allowed to call yourself a wannabe anymore. You rock!

Uhhhhh, I've been MIA I know, but I would like to put in my 2cents about the music on the blog.


:) glad I got that off my chest.


DANG girl those are simply awesome. Helps when you have such cute kids!
Love the lighting and the colours. MMMM! Can't wait to see more. You are kicking butt with that camera. NO really you are! =D Love ya!


i wanna know who carried the chair? awesome pics and you those photos don't look too out of focus to me!!!


Gosh, aren't your really lucky that Brad has good genes! (as quoted by you in Bayley & Lochie's post!) - they ARE seriously yummy. Bring them in soon so I can have alittle chomp on them! x


Those photos are simply stunning Lynette, you are great with the camera!!
Hugs xx

Lynette van Barrelo

Sherryn, I was talking about Janene's genes and I think you meant 'Bailey'. =)


Stunning photos Lynette. Love 'em. Why is it always the boys that get "those eyes"? My *J* is the same. Thanks for the tip on getting the kids onboard with a photo shoot. Will definately try that one with my boys. Thanks also for the class today - everyone was very impressed with my lo. :) Can't wait for your next one next year!!!!


Hi Lynette, I've found your blog too ... you definitely have a way with words, your posts crack me up. Your photos and layouts are fantastic and I also enjoyed your class today ... sorry again about the border punch ... LOL.


I love the photos! All of them. The one of girlfriend doesn't look out of focus, it looks soft! That's a good thing. I love those little wisps of hair that caught the breeze.

Kristi Smith

I am starting to worry you all really do bite your children over there. ;)

Cute photos, you are clever with the whole prize thing, making them compete for it. Your children are good models. I like the chair in the road. I wondered what the background was in that first photo of Tyler.

I think the kids got the good genes from you. ;)


..oops sorry it as in Baileys Irish Cream! :)..and Lochie NOT as in Lochlan (which is also Irish) but Lochie as in Darren Lockyer!
Good thing I can spell your kids names or I'd be struck off the Christmas list! x

Lynette van Barrelo

Thanks, Kristi! And yes, we DO bite our children! haaah!

When the twins were toddlers I used to ask them for a little bite and they'd hold out their chubby little arms for me to chow down on! Cute! And even now Tyler offers me his ears to have a munch on! They are all yummy although occasionally my eyes glaze over and I get a little rough... but they always come back for more. =)


Lynette those pictures are beautiful! It's a pity that the one w/your daughter isn't in focus... her look is one of a million! It will be difficult for you to catch that once more!
You're kinda lucky that your kids want to pose, even if you have to bribe them... mine are older and most of the time they don't want anything to do with it. Dennis is difficult to photograph, Suzanne is a jiffy but she has decided she doesn't want to anymore... and if I try to sneak up on her she covers her face w/her hands... soooooo annoying! I'm going to have to try the bribing thing too!


I love those photos. Amazing.

But I'm not leaving a comment either...

Belinda Venables

Hey Lynette.

This is my first time to your blog. I was having a nosey on the ASJ blog and am doing a little bit of blog hopping.

Love your style. Can't wait to see what you bring to the ASJ team...:D


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