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20 November 2008



Very pretty stuff. Now, when you say 'quick' layout, exactly how quickly were you able to put that loveliness together ;-) eh? We had another massive storm come through out here this arvo, had a few trees down in the paddock at school and couldn't beleive the winds - they just kept changing direction, and the rain came in sheets. Never seen anything like it, so I can't imagine what the worst spots of Brisbane were like on Sunday. See ya! Moira


I know what you mean on lovin' the Ed Hardy shoes. We are a lovin on them family too. I have a connection you know...


oh I forgot to add that your layout is beautiful and that you are a big layout tease!!


melinda's right! those are the EXACT pair the lovely charlie organised for me to bring home for miss 17 - she hearts ed hardy too!

gorgeous layouts - lovin' the jolly red bling


Lovin' them shoes, lovin' them layouts. BUT really lovin' the woman who make them layouts. Your are a naughty girl to tease. That's so not nice. You really need to be nice to your friends and show us the whole picture.

I want shoes just like yours. They are so pretty. =)

P.S. Can't wait to see more of your vacation pics and your stories that go with them.

Lynette van Barrelo

I'm gonna be lovn' on Melinda's connection too... =D


Another fan of the shoes. I love the photo you took. It has a nice mood. Nice layout too. Can't wait to see the others!

I can vouch for the snotty woman at Neiman Marcus. What a creep she was!!!


I'm alittle worried about you lynette. Sue bought a pair for her 17 y/o, I bought a pair for my
20 y/o....are you sure you didn't buy those for Peyton and now you've knocked them off?....
I really do miss you...stop all that scrapping, and lets go shopping again. Count downs on til the 11th....Twilight. x
PS: I LOVE my Gucci, and just to prove it, I bought 2 bottles while on holiday.
I think the Neiman Marcus assistant was Russian, and I met her sister at the Grand Canyon?!


Wow just stumbled across your blog and love all that I see. Yummy.


lovin' all your layouts. Except for the sneaks....I hate sneaks!!! such cute shoes! bit too cold for me here now though. (man, that's a weird sentence)

Kristi Smith

Those shoes look so tiny, are they really for you? Is that a dumb question? I like the photo of them too.

I didn't know you had storms there, I am sorry to hear it, glad you got some rain though so your children good bathe for once.

I heart your layouts. Always.

Lynette van Barrelo

Ha! Are you kidding Kristi? We live in the land of cyclones/typhoons/hurricanes or whichever word you use for kinhuge storms. ;)


Like Haggith I never really liked sneak peeks... they annoy me! We want to see everything!!! I love the shoes as well, I had never heard of that brand. (I'm only familiar w/Converse but hey I am from another planet). They do look small though... and I'm from a family with big feet! I have a US women's 9 and my 12 year old girl has a US women's 10! Can you believe it!
I hope you'll post some vacation pics soon, I'm really curious about your trip.


i'm so in love with you and your talent.

Kristi Smith

Oh, I am sorry, I knew you get storms there, just didn't know you had some bad ones recently.

I am a little jealous that Keri is in love with you. ;)

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