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10 October 2008


Katherine B

Hey! Have a great trip! While you are over there can you please pick me up some cabbages! I can't get them here. Thanks. LOL


wishing you soooo much fun and excitement. Wish I could hop on a jetplane as well and head over there.

Petrina McDonald

lucky you!!!

have you gone yet I wonder? Just in case you are still on your way to the airport....I'll make this an easy one...cabbages make you f@rt. Shouldn't be too cryptic that one ;-)


When you're going through airport security, make sure you hold onto your cabbages with BOTH hands!

Kristi Smith

I like your cabbage . . . it is really BIG.

Can't wait to cabbage you!!!



Well, while you are here traveling the US you must be sure to check out Cabbage's. I promise you will love it!


You are such a cabbage! Hope you have a great time OS and we see you back here all happy and inspired with lots of exciting things to share.
ALl the best.


It stinks like CABBAGE that I can't see you while you are in the USA. DARN. Have fun


cabbage, you will be doing very cabbage if u post while you're away, and frankly, it's been nice not to blog this past week! i hope you travel cabbage and, cabbage, i'm really looking forward to meeting someone who speaks the queen's english - kiwi styles!!!

Leanne Stamatellos

I'm just cabbaging myself right now reading all these cabbage comments. Have fun!

Leanne Stamatellos

Actually, I just re-read my post and it sounds aweful - not meant to be - have a cabbage good time OK!

Moira Coates

Hey there Miss Leav'n on a Jet Plane, have a cabbage time. I'm sure you will dazzle all the lovely yanks you meet with your cabbage personality! Can't wait to see the piccies when you return - Sketched won't know what hit it!


Life here is cabbages without you. Hope you're showing those yankies a cabbage of a time! Am raising my glass of cabbages in your honour!


Haaaaaaa Leanne! That cracks me up.


Dear Kiwi, you are as cute as cute can be, my little cabbage patch doll.
Hope you are having fun at Donna's. See you soon. xoxox


Missing you and your cabbaging laughter. I am going to try something else now - using CABBAGE "Can Anyone Bring Back A Gift Expensivelike" are you getting my drift hahaha. Missing you!! - hope you and Sherryn are living it up.


You, my friend are a load of cabbage! I had a great time meeting you in person. Thanks for letting me try out your cabbage. I need to get my own now. Now get Sherryn moving on that cabbage of hers!


I'm assuming I can use cabbage 3 times with 3 different meanings in the same post...


Hi Lynette! It was great to meet you & your cabbage in Chicago!


I am so jealous that you got to meet my best cyber-sister/friend Pam! We hare shared a lot of cabbages together. One day I hope to get over there too :)
Safe travels.

Western Australia

Wendy Smith

have just been checking out your CABBAGE and take great cabbages, and your cabbages are very inspiring


Hiya, Create-A-Weekend just wasn't the same without you! Lots of laughs, and Michaela's happy dance made a grand reappearance ;-) Keep having a cabbage time in the grand ol' U.S of A!


I saw your cabbage and I cabbaged the cabbage of CABBAGE!! Don't cabbage your cabbage without cabbaging the cabbage's cabbage cabbager.



Leanne has the right attitude. I just hope she is not cabbaging the way I cabbage.


wow theres a lot of cabbaging here....lmao hope your enjoying your trip ..

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