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06 October 2008


sandie mallon

that is one seriously funny face.. safe and happy travels enjoy every moment that u get and make the most of it.. so green right now.. lucky things...

cant wait to see your pics and read your hilarious tales!!

love the pics of your layouts.. i think u should show all of them b4 u leave.. wink wink nudge nudge they look fabbo as always..



Ha! Thats hilarious....she looks just like you!...don't can borrow my undies if you forget to pack yours..(but sorry, you'll have to go bra-less!) x

Leanne Stamatellos

have the most fantastic time - the 2 of you!!!!
these girls will have a ball when they meet you both - looking forward to hearing all about the trip - it will be great!
oh and those layouts look great - i love that little bird - is it hand coloured after being printed on bazzill?


That last picture is hilarious! Woohoo! A total killer!
I soooo wished I would have been able to make it to the US as well... it would have been so much fun to meet an actually talk in real life! But alas, not this time... not for me anyhow. Don't worry if you forget things to pack, you can get ANYTHING in the US so don't worry. Just have fun and enjoy yourself! And we want to hear everything about it! Have a safe trip!


Hello Kiwi,
Your first stop will be the USA but then you will be heading into Canada and then back to the states and then home. As much as I love the USA I am proud of my own country. =) Can't wait to have you girls visit.

Love those pretty layouts. WOW your daughter is totally a mini Lynette. Love her funny face. =)


Ohhh, those layouts look so fun!

Cant wait to meet you!!!


oh my that last photos is priceless!! So are you stressing yet? No worries if you forget anything it is just an excuse to go shopping and buy yourself something new.


Hope you and Sherryn have a safe trip. I know it will be just fabulous and you'll both cause a riot wherever you go! Hurry on back now y'hear xx

Lynette van Barrelo

Ok... Now I am REALLY peeved that I didn't cash my $AU for $US sooner. Talk about PLUMMET. I was hoping this stock market stuff would work to our advantage! NOT EVEN!



i wish I was one of those girls you were meeting! I'm sorry I can't make it! October is too cray for us. I hope you have a blast and get to see a lot of great things! How long are you out for?


How sweet of you to post all the photos....where have I been? I missed this. And of all the lovely photos of me you picked my tiara photo? Hmmmmmm. I think I might need to switch that one out. I look like a goober along with all the other normal photos!

Girlfriend has a serious talent there. I have never in my life seen someone cross their eyes that severely! WOW. I'm impressed.


totally a chip off the old block!!! HA!!! love the work - it'll be nice not to have to think about scrapping for a while, except for when we hit archivers! of course you probably won't read this until u get back, but what the hey! can't wait to meet ya!


hehe ... funny pic! is that sticky bubbles? My dd has that same shirt.

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