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23 September 2008



Poor kid- it looks painful and sitiing for hours in a hospital is never fun- I feel your pain there! Hope he is well now. When Karissa was 2 she had an absess that required surgery and several days in Children's Hospital here- not fun!


What a sweet picture of him sleeping. Well, I bet you will never forget those 3 days... all that for a splinter? nice.

Moira Coates

Wow! What a week! Thanks for dropping by and reminding me not to lurk ;-) I started writing a lovely comment to you late last night after I'd taken my sleeping pills, and gave up because I just couldn't make sense of myself. Glad I did, coz re-reading what I'd left on the screen was like looking at a drunk person's typing - spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere! I have muchos sympathy for you and the waiting, waiting, waiting - my mum had to do that with me when I was a kid with all my diabetes dramas (about a fortnightly occurrence when I was at my 13/14 year old worst!) And now poor Matthew has experienced many a hospital waiting room. I'd always take a book with me, but he doesn't seem to have worked that out yet, so it's trashy magazines for as long as he can stand them, then thumb twiddling for hours!


Wow!!! ALL that just from a splinter??? What a pain! He seemed to be quite a brave!

I like your self portraits...too funny.

Awesome layouts!


all that for a splinter gone bad? poor guy! hope he's recovering well


you poor things! I hate going to the hospital! your pictures are classic.



Your hair looks LOVELY in the self-portraits! Haaaaaaa

Fun to read.

Leanne Stamatellos

you and your poor son !!!!
there's nothing else I can say - poor kid, poor mum!


Another wonderful and amazing LO!
Love the pictures, the details and the colorcombo!
Although I`m Norwegian, I`m sorry to say I can`t take credit for this amazing page! :D

Hope you and your children will stay out of waiting rooms for a while!



Awe the poor little fellow. Infections are not a good thing. Glad he was well taken care of. I know how you feel about waiting around in a hospital. Done enough of that myself the last few months. Glad you had your camera along to keep you entertained. =)

Those layouts are pure eye candy. Loving all the details and the yummy warm colours. Great job Kiwi!!!!!

Kristi Smith

That was a nasty little infection!!! I despise sitting in the waiting room, I always wonder what I am going to catch and sometimes I eavesdrop on the other patients conversations (I am nosey like that), and sometimes I write down recipes out of the magazines, but what i really hate is when I am really into a really good read that I found in the waiting room and they call my name and for a second . . . I think about stealing the mag . . . but then I put it down, left wondering how the article ended. Sorry, did you feel like you were in a waiting room, reading all of that?

Very noice photos. I am shocked they left on his clothes too. Tyler didn't ever seem too concerned about the whole thing (or did you leave out some photos?).

Great layout.

janene van barrelo

Oh my, i did not realise the splinter situation was that bad. Poor Tyler and poor you for having to wait and wait and wait!! Waiting is horrible. What a little adventure for Tyler to tell his mates. Bye the way love your work!!


ok I have to comment..... Sorry to see tyler's gross finger but all is good now I hope?
As in the clothes.... the theatre garb that is usally supplied for adults is not sterile but only machine washed just like your clothes at home. It's all the washing with anteseptic they do to the effected digit that ensures cleanliness. They also drap with sterile cloths around the area being operated on. Kids at my hospital may be dressed in hospital pj's in their size but for minor proceedures sometimes its less traumatic for the child if they stay in their own nice clean clothes. Hope that clears that up for everyone. :o)

Ann Lederhose

Oh man! that's gotta hurt! Glad that's all over with for you and him!

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