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05 September 2008


Petrina McDonald

mess? what mess? where are the leftover plates with chocolate biscuit crumbs and unopened mail? What about the crayons and kid scissors and bits of string that are too short to tie and bits of ribbon that are all frayed and crumpled? That is not a mess woman!

And go you sporting mum you! You are clearly the 'mum with the camera'LOL!


yes lynette, definitely need WIDE ANGLE lens on the scrap space. you surely can't be as messier scrapper than me? i hate putting it all away, it sucks - even as i go which is way boring. great layouts, great air running boy pics too!

Kristi Smith

NO . . . don't do it . . . don't be THAT mum! ;)

Girlfriend looks buck.

How does Tyler do that?

I don't see a mess.

Great layouts.

I love your blog too.


Love all the photos. Love the basketball photos. Jayden looks like he has skillz. Love the hip hop photo and outfit. So cute. Wish I could see a video of the performance. LOVE those running photos. That is classic. He is like an illustration out of a children's book! You look so contemplative. I like your hands.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! (That's for getting to hang out soon.)

Cathy " I got La Hay'd"

I'm tired seeing all that you have been busy doing.

Where's your one arm in the picture of you?

Your looking hot even if your missing a arm!


Hi Lynette

Lovely work as usual. Try putting you lense right up to the fence - that usually works for me. I too want to see more of your scrap space!!! Messy - ha! You should see mine :) Well done to the twins for the athletics day achievements. Looks like they did well.


Can't believe Kerry was pocketing the shotput. I wondered why she was walking funny that day :) :) :)
Great shots Lynette. Hope life has settled a little for you xxx


Well your kids clearly get their moves from you! I've seen you run, dance and play ball...they're the splitting image of yourself! Wheeeeeeeeeee.
PS: Can i do another class today with you?xxx


Looks like the kids have been keeping you very busy. Great action shots. Nice to see you working on a page. Love the bits and pieces of those layouts. Enjoy your week and I hope things settle down for you. It's Wedding week for us here in Canada. Just 5 sleeps away. :)


Oh...I love your layouts...just wish I could SEE them!

Cool pics of the are one busy mom! I know what you mean about being "that mum" on the sidelines. I sometimes have a hard time controlling myself at Bayley's football games. :)

Louise D

YOu make me smile every time I read your blog. lol. I love that you fit fantastic scrapping in between all the kid stuff that is required. Go the kids for being so great. And I can see space in your scrap area... at the moment i am stepping between die cut papers trying to choose the most appropriate - and that is not the desk its the floor!

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