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15 September 2008


Jen Biggs

Wow, i am waiting for summer to end here! With the hurricanes coming through though it has helped keep the temps down.

Your stuff is soooo cute. I love those cards and that tin is awesome! I love the rhinestones and glittery letters.


cute layout lynette, and those cards are AWESOME! very effective with the blank ink


and i wish summer would still go on.... can't say we've had much of a summer here. Probably more like your winter. And now we're already into fall.
I miss the warm sunshine already! :(


loving your scrapbooking work! those snippets are awesome....can't wait to see the whole thing.


Cute that you used MY CLIENT'S papers for the pink stuff. I'm almost famous.

Love the cards. Love the tin.

Cute photo of the kids.

Gotta go shower and stop messing around!

Louise D

Love your stuff. I am so glad that winter is over! The colds and sickness has been driving me mad and now at least the house can be opened up for some of that lovely fresh air. Your scrapping never ceases to amaze you are so very clever. Enjoy, hope your week continues to be productive. Louise


Awe my fabulous Kiwi, as always you dazzle me with your talent! Love the layout, love those cards and love that tin. The twins are cute as cute can be, totally absorbed into their books.

P.S. Hubby just painted Tara's old room. =) Soon to be my scrap room. Just think next month you will get to see it! =) I can't wait to see you girls!

Kristi Smith

Love the layout of you, wonder when I will find me, 40 comes in 3 years. ;) The cards are really pretty, I have tried to make cards but apparently not my thing. Maybe I will just copy yours. :) Love that tin, love those papers too.

I love, love fall. Today I bought candy corn and candy pumpkins. And I already bought some fall decor to decorate before visitors come to my house next month. ;)


great cards Lynette and your tin is fabulous, I just love Graphic 45 too...purchased some just a few days ago while in Arizona on vacation (we don't have any in the stores near me...bummer!)



How cool can it be to have kids that read?! I have one "reader", my son Dennis can totally be absorbed by a touching or exciting story (like the Golden Compass he just finished). My 12 year old is not much of a reader... although we heavily promote it! We let her choose one every few weeks and slowly but surely she is learning to enjoy it. Are you a reader yourself Lynette?

Leanne Stamatellos

these cards looked just gorgeous in the flesh!
loved seeing you that day and meeting Sherryn too - have fun on your trip1


Love the layouts. Nice cards-I don't too often make cards- only Christmas ones. Really just wait till the last minute to think about it and well it doesn't happen.
Awesome on the kids love of reading. I love to read myself so I hope that mine do as well.

Cathy " I got La Hay'd"

I love 90+ degree weather, laying at the pool with an ice cold Corona in my hand. I think fall is OK, but it leads to a long winter for which I HATE!

It's so cool that your kids really love to read!

Does that sign say weiner or winner. I can't see without my glasses! HA!

Cathy " I got La Hay'd"

BTW............Your LO, cards and tin rock!!


I love the tin and the layouts! Very beautiful and inspirational!


Oh Wow...what a blog, what a talent!!!
I`ve been scrolling up and down in awww...looking at your work and your amazing pictures!!!
And I love the nose bleed

And also a fab. cardmaker! Love the colors and the details you use for your works!

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