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21 September 2008


Janette  Zomer

Oh my goodness those are some very cute kids and prego women. Love the blue eyes and the flawless skin on the last two babies. They could be models. Your little nephew is simply adorable. Look how much he has grown in just one year. Thank you for the eye candy photos. Can't wait to see your girls working your camera skills here in Canada. =) I'm still working on Warren to sing for you two. I think we can bribe him. =)


such beautiful babies and kiddos Lynette, and you surely rocked the photos, they are awesome!!



Such cute children- all of them. You did a great job on your pictures- the colors just pop on all of them. Bailey looks like he was totally digging his cake- Happy Birthday Little Man!!


gorgeous babies - and they're of the hand back to their mums variety too!!! looks like a fun day.

janene van barrelo

Hi there, gotta say i have an Adorable looking son!! My friends have little cuties too. Your pics are awesome, love your work. xxx


They don't look dull and grey on my 'puter - they look fabulous.
Great photos.
Too bad about the others - the Canon Digital Photo Professional program can fix the wrong setting in a click or two. Is your camera Canon?


Your photo's are great Lynette and lol at the how you got your swing shots... very effective though ;)

Congrats on the Inspirational feature although I think you know if I had my way you'd be featured all the time lol

Lynette van Barrelo

Thanks Diane for the tip but I had the setting on small rather than large so I ended up with considerably smaller photos than I intended. Consequently, I'll not be able to crop.

Janette, I won't be taking my camera with me. I have a little point and shoot that is a WHOLE lot less cumbersome. I will be sad that I won't be able to capture REALLY good shots but it's a trade off. Also, I believe it would be safer with a pocket camera than a very large backpack worth a few thousand dollars. Those are just a couple of reasons for not taking it. I will explain in about 3 weeks!!!




You have some absolutely stunning work on your blog. Really love your attention to detail. Those embellishments you add are delicious.

Sally x

Mel Nunn

Hey Lynette... love the photos!

About the dull grey thing that is happening...

The internet uses color profile sRGB which doesnt have the vibrancy of the Adobe 1998 color profile which we use in our photoshop programs. Not sure how to fix that but I found this website which explains it a bit more:


Kristi Smith

Love the photos, esp. the little girl in the hat, great job with her eyes. Cute photo of Bailey eating his cake, he is gonna be high on sugar for a week! Janene and Kate look cute, oh to have a baby belly again, I just love baby belly's. And congrats on being on Inspirationals again, although we already knew you were an inspiration. :)


Oh my....
Nothing grey and dull over these pictures!!!
You are an amazing photographer, and I really hope to see these pictures scrapped!!!



what SWEET pictures! I really LOVE them... they make me baby hungry. even those cute pregnant girls....I want to be them. kind of.... ;)
AND the swing picture... from your back.. I need to lay down more often. he he don't tell my husband I said that. ;)

Louise D

love the photos. They look great. Congrats on the inspiration blog too - your work looks great as usual. Louise


Very sweet. That little girl in the pink hat has the cutest little bow of a mouth. Eeeee!!!

Love the swing photos too. Looks like fun.

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