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10 August 2008



great pics lynette! i think the entire oprah watching audience world-wide now knows that healthy poop should plop! and be s-shaped!!!


So nice to realise that other scrappers allow their houses to be demolished around them, I thought that I might have been the only one! It is hard to find the right balance. Your son is a sweety and I would have had a heart attack if I knew there was a cicada on me too. lol


Ummm,....noooooo,.... I dont need to zoom the do do!


oh my gosh girl, you are a riot! Totally cracking up on the ear(ring) bug!!!!

your little fur baby sho nuff does look like my Ozzi!!



ewww, what is that thing? We don't have THOSE in the city....but I do have kangaroo do do! Noice photo's luvey.x


Kangaroo do-do- excellent Lynette. Looks like oversized bunny turds-
Cicadas don't creep me out, but maybe as an earring I would do the freak out dance too. My kids decided they needed to bring baggies full of there skins(or do they call the shells?) home with us this weekend.
Tyler is still a cutie even with the elbow grunge going on.


I would have freaked out myself with that thing. Bugs belong in the trees. Not on me where I can't see them.

I like Tyler's back too. CUTE!

How can that dog see where it's going? Can't you just clip the bangs?

You're very entertaining.


A little boy, a puppy and bugs. Yup doesn't get any better then that! :) I must say I would not like an earing like that either. Boys are so brave when it comes to bugs.

I see you are having some fun with your new camera. Keep up the good work Kiwi. :)

I think I'm going to go buy me a macro lens soon. I have the itch! :)


It's times like this I'm really glad I'm not an Oprah fan. Had Sue kept her comment a little less detailed, I might still be happily clueless. Thanks a lot Sue!

When I was a kid, we used to go outside and spend the summer mornings seeing who could collect the most cicada shells. Fun stuff!!!

Lots of Cicada shells in K.C. Bringing the camera to K.C. Lynette doesn't like Cicada shells. Jot that one down. ; )


I'm smiling right now!

Petrina McDonald

David Attenborough eat your heart out!!!! I have a jar of those cicada thingos in my storeroom at school and delight in bringing them our for the kids to draw!!! Jot that one down ;-)

Lynette van Barrelo

Oh, I don't mind cicada shells exactly... I just don't like being surprised by them. Actually, any creepy crawly, claw-legged critter gets a big NNNNGH!!! from me.

Kristi Smith

Cicada shells remind me so much of my youth. We loved collecting them. Melinda let the kids pack them? Okay, I would not do that. lol

It amazes me how many people watched that Oprah show. So many people talk about it here. Weird, but true.

Great photos Lynette!


You alive? =)

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