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30 August 2008



Your list of ponderings were very interesting...and that! Haaa I've never actually heard anyone use "that" in that way. I end a lot of those types of statements with "or whatever" and it bothers me when I do.

I TOO wonder why people don't understand the difference between "than" and "then". I've noticed it a lot on the blogs and one of my clients does it. Maybe the Red Pen Lady needs to make a visit or we'll have a Thanthen epidemic! :-)

I like your "How Lucky We Are" layout the best.


P.S. YAY...I was first for once!

Kristi Smith

WOW, you have been busy!!! Those are some gorgeous layouts.

I think I have finally mastered then/than. ;)

And I have never heard anyone use "that" in that way either!

I raise my eyebrows too (and open my mouth).


Glad to see your mojo is back - lovely work Lynette.

Moira Coates

Knowing how much you dislike lurking, I thought I'd better leave a comment to let you know I've been here :-) Lovely layouts - I always find inspiration to pull out my inks, paper distresser and sander after seeing your work. See ya!


love your layouts!!! I have a lot of the same questions that you do Lynette...when you find the answers, let me know..k?


Laurel Seabrook

WOW!!! Absolutely fabulous! I love your layouts! Such beautiful subjects to work with to, your kids are beautiful!

Lynette van Barrelo

Hi all,

I haven't scrapped for about 3 weeks. These were all August classes.

I've been so busy lately...


Wow on all the layouts- gorgeous work Lynette!
I too open the mouth, raise the eyebrows and apply the make up. I have actually tried to not open my mouth and it is still drops open.


gorgeous layouts Lynette, you sure have been busy :)

take care


Gorgeous work darling. I love them all.
To answer your question from my blog yes we are all rip roaring ready for the wedding. 12 more sleeps.
I had an outfit and wasn't 100% thrilled with it. Went shopping in Buffalo USA and got me a dress for the wedding. Now I'm very happy and ready to get the party started.


12 sleep janette - yahoo! can't wait to see and hear about it!

lynette - those are some ponderous questions, but i care way more about those gorgeous layouts.

'and that' is def a southern hemisphere thing. i've never had a problem with than and then, but than again...

34 sleeps til take-off - how about you???


Hey you, I'm back from bush!...believe you bumped into my Mum....gosh are you sleeping ok? your brains going into overload with all those ponderings (and that!) I too wish I could commit to long term, but if I plan too far ahead, I'm bored by the time I get to carry out my plan! See you soon xx

Julie H

LOL Lynette - your list of wanderings is certainly interesting - good luck with the answers to the questions and be sure to share if you figure them out :)
Gorgeous gorgeous work here chicky - you never cease to inspire!!



Wow amazing layouts...and that. :)

Never heard anyone say that either...maybe it's an Aussie thing. I think it would bug me too though.

I get so bugged by the then and than thing also.

I wonder if I raise my eyebrows when I put on makeup...I'll have to pay more attention.

You are funny.


wow, stunning layouts, but "than" you know that. I wish my scrapplace was done, "than" I could get back to scrapping.

I also get bugged about then and than. and hey, I'm Dutch.

Cathy in Chicago

Love the softness of you LO's. Always so PERFECT!!

Hope all is well with you in your little part of the globe!!!

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