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22 August 2008



Of course it is the appointment that cannot be rescheduled for weeks- that is always the way it goes!
Lynette unless I have been misinformed Breaking Dawn was to be the last book in the series.
I too became hooked on that series and anxiously await the film- hubby let me know it has moved up and I think it will be on my Thanksgiving weekend agenda.
Love the layouts and I vote for full reveal no sneaks ;)

Lynette van Barrelo

NOT THE LAST BOOK!!! NO-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!! (That's me pounding the floor with my fists and feet) I know she is writing Midnight Sun which is Edward's version of Twilight. I don't really see the point to that...


Lynette, you have got to get you a mobile phone that can hold lots of reminders (not one like Peg's that only holds 10). Every single thing I have to remember goes into my phone - bring in washing! you have the soup cooking! appointments, birthdays - everything! It is totally my memory.
It works - you should try it.
Now, what was I doing?

Kristi Smith

I love the photo of Peyton!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job. And how dare Bev to stand in front of the ballet studio door while you were taking a photo of it! ;)

Great layouts, can't read the journaling on the It's Written in the Wind, but I am sure it is beautiful.

Don't miss your plane to the US!!!

Leanne Stamatellos

Love the layouts Lynette - and the photos are so beautiful! ARe you really off to the US? How exciting - have fun!


Haaaa, photogenic! My derriere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I commiserate with you, my psychologically pathologically gynaecologically moronically-challenged friend 'cos I"m right there with you- ha! Kristie, have to tell you that Lynette took many a photo of me in front of the studio whilst I was in a highly stressed state pushing beautiful young children through that door into the 'unknown' land of the examination. Fortunately, they (including the ever lovely Peyton and my own Kahlee) reappeared some time later with huge smiles and renewed confidence. What a great way to earn a living:D

Lynette, I just love those photos of Peyton and Tyler on the swings. Love all the photos and layouts in fact!!

Thanks for the trailer too! Might venture into those books once I've finished my current one, they sound intriguing............

Look out America - not long now ;)


I have decided I need to read these books. EVERYONE here has read them, I feel like I'm not on the same planet sometimes when I here the convos going on about them.
Hey~ Love the layouts... my stuff is all still in boxes, but I will so copy. I'm a lynette groupie....;)

cathy in chicago

That photo of Peyton rocks!! She's a stunningly beautiful girl and she looks just like her Mommy!


yep i'm counting the days down too lynette! love those layouts. just showed miss 16 trailer - she's just read twilight and is on the 2nd book. i guess i should jump on the bandwagon!

Julie H

What a gorgeous photo of Peyton!! Hope all went well with her ballet exams.
Fabbo work with your layouts as always Lynette, love the double.


mmmmm seems so long since I've been to ballet. hope everyone is great and they of course got great marks. love the layouts lynette and the trailers were a smash. I've read book 1 my daughter brought it home from school for me and yes I'm hooked


PostIt Notes are my memory friend. And I am always writing lists and checking things off.

Hi Bev, you complement the door quite nicely.

I feel like Keri...clueless about these books that you all are addicted to. Someday I may read them. First I need to get a good reading lamp.


Dear Kiwi,

We are women who have more to remember then a computer. So yes every once in a while we have a few hiccups. I too have to write things down or I get the hiccups too often.

I must go buy those books and read them. I have yet to do that. Must add to my list.

Love the photo of Peyton and Bev. Bev sounds like you have the perfect job that you do so well.

Lynette those layouts are beautiful as always! GREAT job Kiwi. Hope the hiccups stay far away from you today! =)


Guess what? Hubby picked me up all the books on his way home from work yesterday. I'm half way through the first one. =) Melinda had told me how she was hooked and now you. I'm liking it so far. =)

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