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11 July 2008


Laurel Seabrook

OMG, OMG! Absolutely beautiful photos (love the first one) and layout, WOW!!!


Hooray! for you, to find out whats been troubling you. Not that you exhibited signs that had me wondering. (I knew you were cookoo a long time ago!) I'll hold ya hand honey, and point you in the right direction when you forget. Men o pause means a break from your man! I know lets take a holdiay? xx - and whats up with your missing layout? Good Luck hunting it down. I LOVE your work. See you tomorrow.:)

Mel Nunn

So... the crazy lady has a diagnosis! Sorry I can't empathise with you but I don't think its something I might look forward to. Does chocolate help??


Isn't being a woman fun? Who comes up with these words... Peri-menopausal? I mean really words like Menopause, Premenstrual, notice the pattern of the word men in it? Yeah it must have been a man who came up with these ridiculous words. At any rate hope you don't break out in any sweats. Good thing is you haven't lost your mind. You just misplace it every once in a while. Oh the joys of being a woman. I hear ya loud and clear.

It's nice to see you have been scrapping and taking some beautiful photos. I'm not much help when it comes to PS. I have played around with it. BUT I like my pictures more natural and what they look like out of the camera. I will lighten or darken if need be. BUT I don't like to change the colour much. Hmmm maybe there is a book out there that you can find to help ya out. I'm using books to learn more about how to use my camera. I need to master that before I learn all the stuff in PS.

I hope you find your layout back. I love that one. Have a wonderful weekend.


Seriously has someone taken the layout? Hope you get it back!
I also am no help in photoshop as I have yet to put the program onto the computer- ah maybe one day I'll get 'round to it. Like the just for you layout.
Sorry about the menopause stuff- do not look forward to it. Hey at least you are not senial yet!

Lynette van Barrelo

It's not exactly Photoshop that's the problem. If I knew what I wanted to DO to these photos to enhance them I would find a way to do it in Photoshop.

I don't think someone TOOK the layout I just believe poor management e.g. bad organisation, lack of professionalism, etc. is the problem.


love the pics Lynette! I wish I could help ya with the enhancing part, but I know nothing...can't even take a good picture to start with!!

As for the "M" word...I'm so there with you...been there for about 10 years now..yep...can you say early menopause for me!!! It stinks....ah well....



Medical induced M for me because of the chemo I had five years ago. I don't think I'm experiencing the same symptoms you are though. I feel like I'm still organized and am able to articulate my thoughts. But the hot flashes! Ugh. No night sweats...just so hot in the morning it's like a strange chemical reaction going on. Jeff can feel the heat radiating off of me.

Not sure what you want to do in Photoshop but I'm not a fan of the harshness of the contrast and saturation thing. I like softer photos myself.

Kristi Smith

Well I do all that same stuff and I don't think I am menopausal.

I really like the first photo, the second one I think there may be too much contrast . . . but what the hell do I know??? Not much. ;) I think a lot of it is based on personal preference . . . whatever you like!!!

Oh, I hope you find that layout, I love that one too, but if you don't you at least have a photo of it!

The Delight layout is great too.


Wow Lynette - I'm in the middle of the M thing! It started approx. 7 years ago (at 38) when I suddenly skipped a period... I was sooo scared that I might be pregnant, not that a pregnancy in itself is the worst that can happen but with my Dennis having a genetic disorder I was just terrified that it might repeat. Anyway - I wasn't pregnant, after some bloodwork I was just menopausal. Ha! Ten years too early according to the dr. But what can you do? I switched from being cold ALL THE TIME to having hot flashes to being hot ALL THE TIME. And like Donna, I/m still pretty organized and I don't forget stuff. I do feel less motivated, and it takes more effort to get stuff done. Sometimes I just don't feel like it. You'll find a way to get through it, it just takes some time.
I hope you'll find that layout back! It was one of my favorites! Keep on playing with your new toy! I love the pics!


Lynette did you find that LO yet? Was it put away in a album? Was it sent away to be published? I hope you find it soon. Would you be able to make a second one? Can you still get the same supplies? That's what I would do if I lost one. I would try and make it as close as I can to the first one.

Hope you are having a great weekend.


WOW Lynette I can't believe that layout is MIA - how does a layout go astray? Surely whooever has it knows its value - hope it turns up soon. As for lenses I hear you girl. I was looking into a new lense for my Canon only to find out supply at the moment is a BIG problem. They can't get it for me indefinately - NOT HAPPY!!! Again - good luck with your layout and the big M! Not looking forward to that at all.


I so wish I didn't have to skip the "PERI" part.
I have some good books for you to read if you are interested.

I really can relate about the "missing" thing. It's ussually right under my nose too. HATE IT!

Love the photo's of your DD. Do you give photo lesson's via internet???

sue bull

hey lynette! i'm 45 and still no signs, unless being slightly kooky is a symptom lol. when i was younger i thought all this "M" stuff would be done by the time i was 34 hehe. i have a friend who has hot flashes and they are SO uncomfortable for her - hot flashes sounds so sedate but they aren't. st john's wort??? hang in there. as for the photos - they are great. i would maybe saturate the bottom one - make it 'more' black and white? what do i know? we likey your portrait lens. it's a great camera.


Welcome to the sisterhood, my friend. I hear your pain and, as you know, can totally identify with the complete loss of mind. Speaking to people and so trying to sound intelligent when you can only remember the first letter of all your most important words eg: "Oh, you know that thing that starts with a D".

I even took my family away for our anniversary only to find out I'd booked the motel the following weekend argh!!!!!! How embarrassing!!

For what it's worth, it's not too noticeable to us around you (yet!). I'd just keep it to yourself and try to wing it haha!

Love your work! xx

Leanne Stamatellos

oh no, about the layout - that was a favourite of mine ! Lost in transit from one of the mags? Hope it turns up soon - very soon!

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Oh Frig.....its NOT me!!!!! Is it?!?!? Who are you? Who am I? Did you seee it? Did I? What was it? Huh? Oooh...I see. Hmmm... Yep...
Absolutely! Sheeez... Unbelieveable!

Lynette van Barrelo

...and it was Jill who taught me not to think that it was a tumour. It was SHE who convinced me I was perimenopausal and it is SHE who wants company at this hour. As you can see, she is just as dopey as I!


Well if forgetfulness and lack of organization is a symptom of menopause, I started going through it 37 years ago. That's my new excuse. Thank you!!!

Raising my hand as a third person you know who understands what you're talking about.

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