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07 July 2008



Love these last two shots in particular - can't wait to see them in a layout Lynette. Did you get any of "girlfriend" on THE stage?

Lynette van Barrelo

We Mums weren't allowed to follow them in. We had to wait outside so we did coffee and cake instead.


In order of photos posted...those guys give me the creeps but then I hate long hair like that on a guy.

I can't name that movie. I don't have a clue.

Braveheart depressed me so I've blocked it from my memory. The girls look pretty in your photo though.

Does Bev always walk around in public with a sign over her head? Haaaaaa

Love the dog's outfit.

That photo of the girls is so cute!!!

I love those glasses and you and girlfriend look so much alike in that photo. Same smile, same nose, same eyes, same cheeks. Cuuuuuuttttttteeeee!

Jayden is looking so grown-up!


Ahh aren't new toys so much fun to play with!! Go you with all your fabulous pictures. I have to agree with Donna, you and the girl are spitting images of one another. Great pictures and I think I am starting to embrace some of my blurry photos as well- hey they cannot all be perfect right?!


fabulous pics Lynette! I still haven't seen Braveheart LOL, but I hear it's a great movie!!



Lynette you are rocking that new camera. GREAT photos. I love you with your new glasses. You look beautiful. I agree with the others you and your daughter do look alike.

Sometimes I think we strive to hard for the perfect photo. I think we forget it's about the memory behind the photo and not how perfect the photo is. I go back now and scrap all kind of photos that were taken with a point and shoot camera with my kids were little. I love them just as much as the photo I take now with my canon. I love how I can relive the moment when I see an old photo. Plus scrapping them is a joy.

BRAVO for photography and all the fun we have with it. It's awesome how we strive to take better photos for years of enjoyment down the road.

Have a great day.


Nice Pics. Everytime I see a scottish kilt I always think of Judy's party and Bernie! Bet you just wanted to kick up your heels too! You look cute in your glasses!


and your camera is lovin' you right back. Great photos.


Cricket! Don't see Braveheart unless you like lots of blood, guts, sorrow, murder, unimaginable horror! Can you tell I enjoyed myself? You'd be better to just look at Lynette's lovely photos. It's less traumatizing.


gorgeous pics lynette! i love kilts. DH bought one when he was in edinburgh a couple of years back, and he NEVER cheats. i tried to google that quote and i still don't know it - put me out of my misery plse, coz i pride myself on knowing movies. do u have full PS or PSE? if PSE, what did u do to the pics? i wish i could fully utilise PSE - i'm sure it's capable of much more than i do with it!!!


Those pictures are gorgeous! I LOVE the one of the three guys jumping together... woohoo! And I think they would cheat too because all that jumping make their skirts fly up! Who would want to see that?!
The bungee jump pic w/the backflip is so cool! Love how he is holding the straps!
I can totally see why you love your new camera and it seems you got the hang of it quickly!

Lynette van Barrelo

Haaah! Those pics were posted because I took them and not because I was proud of them. In fact, I think they are all pretty average. I do like the bottom two though.

What I learnt on Sunday was that you have so many good photo opportunities but at the time it happens, you really need to make sure you have the right lens on at the right time. Taking candid ones of people is harder than it looks. Most of it is being in the right place at the right time with the right lens and camera settings.

Give it time... practice will make me better. I can't wait to play!


The photos look great, Lynette especially our young Legolas dancers. What a fun day!!! Kahlee is still talking about it LOL

Your glasses look great by the way....


Still need you to name that movie!

Lynette van Barrelo

It's 'Forrest Gump'.

Jen Biggs

Your new camera is amazing. So jealous here! The one of you and "girlfriend" is sooo cute!

donnapiranha that I reread the line in "the voice" I get it. Thanks for answering.

Kristi Smith

I feel dumb BUT . . . what do they say about Scotsmen?

I kinda am digging the guy in the fourth photo on the right. Sorry, Donna.

Great photos! I think you look cute in your glasses too.


No undies....they go commando.
Really? That guy? Does Matt know?

Kristi Smith

So Sue's hubby doesn't wear any briefs under his kilt? lol I know, I should have known that is what she meant. Guess my brain was on pause.

I think he is kinda cute Donna! Matt doesn't care.


i like the pictures your new camera takes, i may just love yuor new camera too. Can't wait to see the layouts you do with these pics.
HI! Nice to know I was missed... ;)


Great photos. Looks like you had a wonderful day.

The readers have something to do with being over 40. It happened to me too!!!

Leanne Stamatellos

great shots there - look forward to heaps more too!

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