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14 July 2008


Julie H

Those sneaks look awesome Lynette - if I was closer I'd come along for a play for sure!!!
Must admit I'm the same - choke under pressure - and yet I always seem to leave things to the last minute lol.
fabbo work with the other layouts here as well chicky!



Gorgeous Lynette- I do believe this is the first time I have seen you scrap thy husband. I wish I could read the journaling. Men and their toys- HA! If I were say, thousand of miles closer, I would call right now to sign up- well maybe not right now as they are probably home sleeping, but you know what I'm saying. I would love to see some of your outbursts- HA HA!


Noice! If I could take a class with you, I'd probably be so outbursty they'd quietly ask me to leave until I could calm down a bit.

I like the color combination on the VMX double. I've been thinking of adding that citrus color to our living room and your layout tells me it would look FAB!

sandie mallon

i wish i could do the shabby class i love shabby .... thanks for the layout share there awesome your old mans page looks trendy lol


I wish I could come take your class Lynette!! Love the layouts and the sneak that crackle paint I spy on the chipboard? LOL How bout making a kit and instructions to sell to me?? LOL seriously........



Hello Kiwi,

Loving those layouts as always. Those sneak peeks are too sneaky for me. I wanna see it all. =)

Hope you got my email a few days back. =) Have a great day.


oooo way too nice! I really like those metal flowers you've used! And bite Tylers arm for me aannggg...he's way too cute! x

sue bull

oh i would so love to do a class with you, but would you remember where the store is? gorgeous layouts. at least you can still remember how to scrap so it can't be that bad...


Hey Mate

I miss U :)

Looove what your doing with the Camera/PS

and well the scrappin,....always awesome!!

PS Welcome to my world [I just had to say that]

Lou :)xx

sue bull

award for u at my place...

Kristi Smith

I am running out of flattery for you. ;) I know how you love the word "flattery". You are just so talented it is hard to come up with new praise for you. Your photography skillz are right up there with your scrapping now, I love those VMX photos. Great layouts, as always, I wish I could come watch you at work for a few days!!!


I really love the vmx cool! You are one talented lady!!


can you just come to the states, say California... my dinning room... time, hmmm??? all day and just teach me a class or 2?


I wish that I lived closer or that I could just 'beam me up Scotty' to Queensland, so that I could participate in your classes. I love Shabby and have missed it of late. There is a definite niche of people out there that like and do shabby! Of course yours look fabo. Enjoy your classes.


Love your flowers Lynette!!!


me again! i'm having another giveaway - i'd hate ya to miss out!

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