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23 July 2008



More sneek peeks- I want to see it all and I want to know how to pull off pink for a boy layout.
I am the same way about the learning- I need to do it hands on. I am a very visual person- imagine the nightmare I am with home improvement projects...need to see it..cannot just picture it in my head.

Lynette van Barrelo

I'll come clean with the sneaks as soon as the classes are done.

I have no trouble picturing the end result of home improvement projects. Getting the husband to see it is my biggest task. Until the time the penny drops its like I need to give him a carrot every few steps ={.


i struggle with the right settings too lynette! i need someone holding flash cards walking alongside me! i have a telefoto and it's AWESOME!!!


Loving your shabby and your use of pink. BUT you are much too sneaky with your peeks.

I used to like to learn with others showing me. BUT I found now I enjoy reading and learning and read a bit and play then read some more and try again. I think the trick is to just jump in and do it. Then if it's wrong try another way. The beauty of digital is we don't have to print them all. Enjoy.

Lynette van Barrelo

Reading and jumping in and then reading some more is something I'd do if I didn't have all of these distractions to jolt me out of it. I know how to get around the camera but I struggle with the focal length/shutter speed principles as well as focus/exposure stuff all within the milliseconds available to "take the shot" of constantly moving children/people. Most of the time I grab the camera and click without even looking to see what the settings were that I used last.

I'll keep it up and tax everyone's skills when I get over there! Wheeeeee!

Still not counting down but I know it's getting closer I can feel it in my overly proportionate body! The same body I had plans to reduce before I got there. Ack! Me is what me is. Who is with me on that?


Yup. Be who you are and do it on purpose. xx

Kristi Smith

I am constantly messing with the settings and then forget to switch them back and then I have a lot of messed up photos. Argh. I am disappointed I don't know what I am doing with my camera around all this beautiful scenery here in Colorado. So pretty here. Love it.

I hate snippets. ;)

Kristi Smith

And we will be happy to see YOU!!! You is what you is, beautiful and talented.

I like a little meat on the girls I hug too, are you with me Donna? lol Hug her really tight, Lynette!!! We will make her love hugs! HA


How is it that I kept checking and checking for an update and NOTHING then suddenly it's there and there's already eight comments!?

I took photography in college and it seemed to me that the possibilities were just too endless for me to grasp what I was doing. At the end of the semester, I knew nothing! I retained nothing!

Hugs...damn! Let me restate my position a different way. Hugging certain people makes me uncomfortable. Not sure who those people are or what it is about them but I feel an aversion. (Definitely know it's that one friend who's overly enthusiastic but I don't see her that much anymore so YAY.) There are other people I could hug all the time. I will hug Lynette whether I like it or not, but I think I'm gonna "like it a lot"! Haaaaaaaaaaaa

Julie H

I'm the same when it comes to learning thing Lynette - show me and I'm fine, tell me and I don't have a clue.
Great sneaks - can't wait to see the end result.



HI! I didn't read... sorry... I just looked at pictures and wanted to remind you, that you are such the tease. =)


I'm with Kristi....I hate snippets too. I want the whole shebang. I know you have to wait though....I'm just not a very patient person.

I too, struggle with my settings....maybe with all of us together, we can master it. I find myself not having the confidence to know that I have set the camera right, and I'm afraid I'll miss the moment, or capture it all and it's I switch back to auto. Lame....I want to just know!!!

I want to shadow a pro for awhile, and just look over their shoulder.


UPDATE ME :) :) :)


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