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21 June 2008



:D x


Peyton is so delicate and graceful looking.

You wouldn't be jealous of MY feet. They have slight "Fred Flintstone" undertones.


Schmootz eh? Yeah I like that word. It's nice. =)

Love those photos. I really love the lighting in the second one. It's so soft and just shows you the mood of how the girls are getting into the schmootz. Love the feet pics too.

As for me and my feet. I sure don't mind them. We get along okay. They still take me from point A to point B. They have their good days and their bad. I've broken both baby toes and both my ankles. Not all at once. Thank goodness. So at times they have been a pain. They have also gotten in the way and thus the broken toes. BUT I guess I shall keep them around. =) Right now the toes nails are painted up all pretty in pink. That makes me smile.

So Kiwi it's nice to see you back. Have you started your count down yet? How many more sleeps? I can't wait to see ya. Have a fabulous weekend. TTFN


Hey she's back- hooray!! Missed your witty posts.
Peyton is a beautiful ballerina- you have some great shots to work with.
Now don't be gone for too long- HA!

sue bull

welcome baaaaaaaaaaack!!! moocho schmootz to you! gorgeous pics. she so lythe and gorgeous

Kristi Smith

Gorgeous photos, esp of Bev's ear. ;)

Peyton is such a doll.

I love schmootz.


I don't think we'd better start the countdown just yet! It might be like singing "Ninety Nine Bottles Of Beer On The Wall"....we'll be worn out before we get to One! Probably ought to start counting when it's about a week away! :-)

Peyton sure looks like she's a graceful little dancer!

Lynette van Barrelo

Hi All,

Peyton does well but I only ever post pics where she looks half decent to my untrained eye. She has some tweaking to do when it comes to her schmootz.

Fred Flintstone has lovely feet. I think we may be foot sisters, Donna. 'Cept I'd be the ugly foot sister.

Ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall,
Ninety nine bottles of beer...


Gorgeous pictures of Peyton. She's such a doll!!! and so graceful.
Glad to have you back! :)


what gorgeous photos Lynette :) my daughter Tessa who is 5yo started Ballet this year and absolutely loves it.

PS: I don't think you're a bad blogger ;)

Jen Biggs

Very nice! I love the pics of the feet, too. Peyton is a cutie!


Yay!! A new post!! I've been wondering where you got to! Your daughter looks like a real ballerina, so beautiful! Thanks for the new language lesson..schmootz huh? LOL



Stunning photos Girl!!!

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