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24 June 2008



I love that photo of you. Very nice.
The layout has a really nice composition but that paper is WILD! A bit arresting, isn't it? You did a great job though.

Are you kidding me 19c? You ARE a wuss. Hee hee A few more degrees and you'd be at the temperature that Jeff keeps our house at all the time!!! (I'm a wuss too...I prefer it a little bit warmer.)

sue bull

19 degrees? you ARE a wuss - it's 5 here and it hailed this afternoon!

oh, and i didn't realise you lived in a national park - nice shrubbery!

Julie Heard

I just got a copy of the mag yesterday and saw your layout in the feature Lynette - you did one totally fabbo job with the MM range!!
Totally hearing you bout the cold up here at the moment. I tell family back home in VIC and they all say to quite bloody whinging LOL - BUT IT'S COLD!! Oh well - like you said, it's only a few weeks and then it'll warm up again fingers crossed.



it's 19C here at the moment and we're supposed to be in summer!
Actually in the sun it's a little warmer, but it really is that temp in the shade.
Love your yard! is that house on your property or the neighbor's? or do you even have neighbors?

Lynette van Barrelo

Haggith, yes we have neighbours on both sides. That greyish building you see on the right is our neighbours shed. We have 5 acres.

Its dropped down to 6C at the moment. Zane told me that it was 1C this morning when he went to work. His car screams at him "ICE - ICE - ICE" ha!! Yes, it does get cold and I really do enjoy it because it sure beats the humid sweating we do for the other 9 months of the year!

I apologise for all the typos in this post. Shocking. See, what did I tell you! Senior moments!

sandie mallon

the sneak peak there is looking good cant wait to see it... the making memory layout is actually gorgeous.. not one of my most fav of their ranges either but u definately pulled it off.. looks fabbo....

have a great week.....


YOU FIND 19 COLD??? Oh girl you better pack lots of warm stuff when you come to the USA and Canada. That is the weather we get in the fall and it could even get a bit cooler.

Love that photo of you. You are such a Kiwi hottie!

I also love the sneak peak and that layout. VERY niceeee!

The photos of the trees with the blue sky are so pretty. Well done! =)


Hahaha is that all you're getting for winter temperatures! You're supposed to wrap yourself in blankets, wear long sleeved pj's during the night and make yourself a cup of hot chocolate...
We're supposed to be in the summer here but like Haggith already mentioned it's only a mere 19 degrees... I'm still wearing my long sleeve vest when I'm going outside!
Anyway - good to see you post more... I've been missing you! Love the layouts, I hope to see them completely one day (when they've been published of course!).


Okay, we've all given you such a ribbing about the cold temperature that let me just say I would not be able to handle the heat that you deal with for such a long time. About a week and I'd be done. There are times when I wish I still lived in humidity. Those were the days! Sigh.


Lynette are you kidding? Cold? Janette is right- that is the temps you will have here and in Canada when you come here in Fall.
Love the layout and here you go agin with your sneek peeks- looks great!
Look at you being all gorgeous in that picture- woo hoo.


i didn't read your whole blog, I'm at a friends house using up their computer, but I wanted to say HI! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the comment you left for me! Love the pics and layouts.. you rock!


You look very sexy hot!!!! <------That was Joe!

You look very sexy hot!!!!<------ That was me!!!

Love the LO and the sneaks. Great job. I did use that MM line on a mini that I did for the LSS. I can see where it is very different then your style. You always seem to make it all work though.

It's a beautiful 80 degrees today! I love this time of year.


Leanne Stamatellos

great to see you around again - that photo looks really good. glad you're freezing at 19oC like me - we are woozes that's all. Oh, and I think we can't post any SM layouts for something like 2-3 months after they have been published so that international readers get their copies first. Maybe check that - sorry!


great pic of you Lynette!! Your layout is fabulous, as always! No wonder you get pubbed so many times! I love the 5th avenue line personally and you totally did it justice!

hope the kiddos are still living and your feeling warmer now!


michelle macdonald

Hello Lynette, I did a layout in the same gallery and I just wanted to say "HI there!"
And I really think your layout is terrific and the photos matched the papers beautifully. I did a more vintage style layout and kept it fairly simple, used a couple of old photo booth photos of my mum and her sister 50 years ago!!!
It was *totally* a hard range of papers to scrap with, being quite rich and sophisticated in style. I would never of bought it either but I did come to really like it in the end.
I love that Photo of you by the way, its LOVELY!


Bragger and WoooooSSS!

Kristi Smith

Love that photo, it is beautifully photoshopped. ;) Nice cheekbones, wonder if I can PS me some of those!!!

Great layout, I think you did a great job with that wild paper.

And your backyard is gorgeous.


You look stunning in that photo - and where exactly are the dark circles. Either my glasses aren't working or your skin looks flawless. Wish I looked that great when I was tired - I seem to resemble a train wreck LOL. Love your lay-outs, oh genius one!
Think I saw a hint of Peyton doing her dance class..Goodie, can't wait to see it in full x
As for cold ladies, we went to the drive-in last night and it was fr-e-e-zing 'cos my husband and I sit outside while the kids have sleeping bags etc. in the car. Gotta love being a parent!!

Cathy From Chicago

You are a beautiful women!!!!

I love the peaceful look of your back yard. I'd give anything for that!!

The LO's are just like you....beautiful!

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