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01 June 2008



welcome back! absolutely gorgeous layouts!!! love the dimension and textured look of them all! the crop sounds like a fun night. i really need to get my butt to one, one of these days!!!


WOO HOO Lynette is back!!! AND WOW oh WOW she has been Busy! Loveeeee all those fabulous layouts! GREAT work my friend. Gotta love Basic grey!!

I got some more ink and stamps today. I can't wait to play with them.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!! Hope you got my email with my new address change. TTFN


I got your email Darling. Glad my new email is working. My internet is also much faster. Woo Hoo!

Still loving those layouts. Have a great day cleaning. I hope you can find some time to scrap! Love ya!

How many more sleeps before you come see us? Have you started a countdown? I think you should! =)

Okay this old lady needs sleep. My bed is calling me. TTFN

Julie Heard

WOW!!! What a feast for the eyes!! Brilliant work here chicky.
Oh and bugger about the knees hey - will just have to wear pants a lot more then lol.



so no more short skirts! what a bummer!

oh wow, Lynette, I'm am so loving these layouts! And I thought you hated doubles!?
these are soooooo stunning.
I could go on and on.

I'm am so in need of some inspiration! it'll come back some day.


Beautiful work Lynette- I fancy the Fancy Pants ones- love the title and journaling on Mr Pucker Face. Glad you got to go hang out with some like minded gals and get some scrapping done!!
Enjoy your cleaning- I am on that cleaning path as well mixed in with a little outside chores as well- fun fun!

Cathy L.  in Chicago

Stunning LO's! Each and everyone of them beautiful beyound beautiful!

Hope all is well is your world!!


The knees know!


This is gorgeous!...Can I just have your talent for a day?...or at least come scrap with me. I'm alitlle worried about this drooping bit, you can only imagine all my drooping will meet at my knees and frame them for all to see! x

Leanne Stamatellos

wow, you've created so much - way to go!
love them all - maybe I need to join you at a crop and get something done too.

Kristi Smith

THESE ARE GORGEOUS! I love them all. I love that BG Archaic line. I have it and need to do some more with it. I bought all the dinosaurs too . . . not because I have any photos that they will go with . . . I just wanted them.

My hands show how old I am. They actually look 60. They have huge veins that pop out and are wrinkled. Lovely. ;)


I think you know how old you are when you laugh so hard, you always wet your pants when watching 'Menopause the Musical'. What a total crack-up! What did you think, Lynette?


I used to hate my knees but now that I'm over 40, I just don't really care! That's one good thing about hitting are far more comfortable with the fact that you're not perfect.

Love the layouts of course. You're rockin' the doubles even if you do hate them. They're very nice!!!


It is time for me to pack my scrap supplies away and this post of yours does not help me at all. ;) I really love all your layouts! Good job!
Hey, I read a story today about some guy over in Australia have 16 washers removed from his 'Nether Region'. Whats up with that? ;)

Lynette van Barrelo

Ha! Bev... A big group of us went to see 'Menopause the Musical' last night. If you EVER have the chance to see it in the US - DO IT!!

Bev, I LOVED IT! I kept looking down the line to see if you were losing it like I was and Ruth's sister had her head forward and her mouth open laughing so I couldn't see you. I had tears running down my cheeks! But I didn't wet my pants! I didn't!

Keri, they must have found a pervert in Australia! Imagine that!


fab layouts Lynette :)



I just love your layouts Lynette...they are so beautiful!!

what IS up with knees, it sucks that they get all wobbly and!



Kiwi are you back yet? It's time for an update. We miss you! =D


Farout Girl these are Awesome !!! :)x

Lou xx

Jen Biggs

I am so into covering my knees even though it's summer. I try to find skirts and capris that go just below the knee. I hate my knees. But I think that people could tell how old I am by all the gray hairs I am finding lately.

Wonderful work by the way! It's all beautiful. You are amazingly talented!


LOL! I'd never noticed droopy knees until I realized about 2 weeks ago that I have them! Love the layouts Lynette.


Oh great, another body part to worry about! We have stacy and clinton for the US What Not to Wear, and it's, like, my FAVORITE show EVAH!! And, oh my gosh! Kristi's famous pucker has crossed gender and crossed the ocean at the same time!! That is a cute picture and as always, LOVE all the layouts!


Heellooo, come in come in where ever you are? Wot yo up to? You been very quiet.....I'm taking to commenting on your blog to bring you out! I'm back from Melbourne and I have a very nice designer Mimco hand bag for you....(that'll work!) Come see me xx


I second that emotion! Where are you? I miss you!

Lynette van Barrelo

OMG!!!! Would you LOOK AT THE DATE!!!!!!! I'm such a bad blogger!

Sorry peoples! I won't be able to update again today... I have 2 sick kids and one who has just started school holidays, a visit from the accountant AND I have to work!

Shez has a Mimco bag for MWA!!!!! Wheeeeeee!!!! We are SO 'Romy and Michelle'!


Miss you!!!! Hope the kids get better soon.

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