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05 May 2008


Leanne StamatellosLe

was starting to wonder what you were up to - good to see you back!


There is a cemetary in Philly that is up on a hill and all you see can see are huge tall monuments and crypts pearing from above. I can only imagine what kind of people are buried up there. I personally don't think it is a morbid preoccupation that you have. ;) I think it makes you more fascinating. I like to drive around and look at old farm houses, I just love the oldness and they make me happy.


I think cemeteries are very cool places, I don't find it morbid at all that you visit or take pics...that's something I've wanted to do for awhile now.

Love the snippet, can't wait to see the full layout...we will see it right? LOL



I think you're the most morbid person I know!!! How could you??? Just kidding. Here's what's morbid: Back in college I was on a date, and the guy wanted to go to the cemetery and make out. I suppose people do that because it's secluded at night, but ewwwwwww! You don't do THAT do you?
Glad you're back....even if you're not rivetingly exciting.


I do not think that you are morbid or weird- I too find old cemeteries interesting. Hey Keri are you talking about Laurel Hill?
Glad you are back Lynette.


Isn't Melinda smart? She knew the exact place I was talking about.

Kristi Smith

Donna, I have made out in a cemetery. Does that make me weird or morbid? Okay, so I am weird but not morbid. I do enjoy looking at the stones and reading the epitaphs.

Great photos, love the snippet.

Gym stories . . . oh, how I wish they included Chin Lee!!! I miss Chin Lee, could you go back and visit him and get photos . . . please!?!?!?!?

sue bull

awesome photos lynette! and i have never made out in a cemetery. it's never too late tho...
yay gym stories!!!! who's chin lee? oh was he your nurse when u had your feet done? i can't remember.

gorgeous blue sky in that second photo btw.

Lynette van Barrelo

Chin was an agency nurse and I wouldn't recognise him if he Kung Fued me! I was groggy and embarrassed at the time and I don't want to talk about it for fear of loss of bladder control... Nuff said.

Wasn't Laurel Hill part of 'Arrested Development'. =D


Hey Lynette how many dead people are in that cemetery? ............................ All of them. Sorry I could not resist. Love those photos. VERY cool. I think cemetery's are a cool place to visit. They are always so peaceful and full of history.
Your kids are adorable as always! I'm also loving that tiny little peak of your next layout. VERY pretty!

I took a bunch of new pics on the weekend. So I hope to update my blog today. Right now I need to shower and head off for some testing at the doctors. I have four appointments this week. Grr! Oh well such is life.

Glad you are back. I missed you.


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